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Thread: TWA Flight 800 Cover-Up

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    If O'Neill was operationally complicit what would be the purpose of planting him in the Tower on 9-11? Control of the plot or shutting-up?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Albert Doyle View Post
    If O'Neill was operationally complicit what would be the purpose of planting him in the Tower on 9-11? Control of the plot or shutting-up?
    I agree that yours is the crucial question. (Why wasn't he in the Command Post at WTC-7?)

    Answering your question would depend on how we interpret the facts amid the O'Neill legend, and how we interpret any further information that we may gain.

    This would include interpreting the Spanish trip - and how do we do that at this point, working from meager journalistic sources?

    More on the legend, at least, can follow.

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    Default Hit Piece

    A classic example of Mockingbird hit piece on Flight 800. (Note the cartoon of Flight 800 over the Depository in Dealey Plaza):

    The actual hit piece article:

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    Notice how they mix totally ridiculous conspiracy theories with very plausible and certain ones. Yes, if you think Oswald was innocent, you must also believe that Nazis came from Middle Earth and the moon landing was faked.

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    The pigs made a big decision a few days ago. They denied any reopening of the Flight 800 investigation based on last year's petition. The American government no longer has any honor. It bascially allows the very agencies that committed the crimes in question to be their own judges while pretending to not notice the fatal conflict of interest:

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    CNN is going to do a TWA 800 show Tuesday at 9pm. No doubt it will be a government propaganda show like with JFK on the 50th.

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    I just watched the post petition-denial TWA 800 program on CNN. First, they never mentioned the denial of the petition or Stalcup & Borjesson's new documentary as if they never existed. The program was just a predictable repeat of the official lies and omission of all the damning evidence.

    Like the propaganda programs on the 50th anniversary of Kennedy's CIA assassination CNN has taken a new tack when offering criminal lies as journalism. That new tack allows some of the truth tellers to come on and tell the truth, however, just like the programs on the 50th, they allow the criminals to have the last word on them and make them look like nutty conspiracy theorists. This new tack allows the liars to avoid completely burning in hell by giving some airing to the truth, but only in the context that their criminal lies will always have the last say. From watching this program you would almost never know that detective James Sanders found PETN rocket propellant residue staining some of the seats in a rocket plume pattern. Or that missile warhead shrapnel was found in some of the bodies by the Long Island coroner that was then confiscated and covered up by FBI.

    The most outrageous thing this program did was re-introduce the CIA 3000 foot zoom climb theory that was used to explain the streaking missile. CNN are criminals because they never mentioned to the public that United Airlines Captain and Aviation Science post grad Ray Lahr proved beyond a doubt in firm aviation science math that Flight 800's center of gravity had to shift so badly that it flipped right over and dropped, as Eastwind Airlines pilot and witness Captain David McClaine said in the program. Lahr's science was so sound that CIA, FBI, and NTSB refused to answer his lawsuit. CNN also seemed to feel that this top grade source and his evidence wasn't even worth mentioning.

    The American government is a criminal organization.

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    I'm amazed at how many Americans can't see how the corporate media, academic establishment and scientific establishment work together with the government to help cover things up whenever necessary. It should be patently obvious by now, but most people still think that the media and "experts" they see and hear are really independent and objective.

    "They don't have anything to do with the government - why would they lie?" is what I hear a lot.

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    I'm beginning to realize that Americans are not that dumb. They do that on purpose in order to have the easiest "freedom". One where you have to make the least effort and can trust those official sources in order to live the easiest, "free-est" life. It's a calculated type of philistine-ism where you can use semantics to make it sound worthy and then go on your merry way. It's the advantage-takers screwing the rest of us. Forget the fact that kind of practice is the exact opposite of the Constitutional check and balance America pretends to practice.

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    This is what DiEugenio needs to do with the 50th Anniversary shows. Dr Stalcup shows that the CIA are criminal liars who need to be put in jail by the very federal laws they are violating in contempt.

    If you watch this video keep in mind that CNN recently chose to show the CIA 3000 foot Zoom Climb claim as real even though CIA withdrew it after it was disproven. Those CNN people also need to be put in jail:

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