I don't see how anybody in their right mind would think Donald Orestes Norton had anything to do with the assassination of JFK. He was a kid when that happened. And it's provably false that Lee Oswald assumed his identity afterwards.

I know that for a fact.

Has the guy done other things in "service" to his country? I don't know. I have a lot of serious suspicions. There seems to be a fine line of organized crime activities in our little corner of the world intersecting with law enforcement/intelligence agencies' activities circa 50-60 years ago. Our Governor Rhodes should have been drawn and quartered in my humble opinion. Instead he was re-elected numerous times. Like John Edgar Hoover they've named many publically funded buildings and bridges and parks after a truly despicable, un-American "patriot". Governor Rhodes blocked Jim Garrison's subpoena of Gordon Novel 50+ yrs ago. No extradition allowed or granted. And they take my tax money and name public structures after him? What a joke.

I have no clue what all this person Donald O. Norton did in his life. It certainly seems he wasn't always on the up and up from what I could gather from public records. But he isn't the present incarnation of Lee Harvey Oswald. Unless they have perfected imprinting lifelong memories upon people's brains to the point where they can recall details from early childhood. I talked to people who have known Donald Norton since before I was born and they were giving me an accurate account of him, and who he always has been.

I've never met the man and am not defending him. But I think he deserves the same respect as you or I or any person could expect.