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Thread: On Edwin Kaiser and Related Topics

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    In-fact, they all know, whomever I spoke to knows they could trust me not to get any living person into trouble, and that's the truth. Even if I was told by anyone in the community as to who killed Kennedy, I'm not here to get anyone into trouble, I told Luis Posada that too, but, I will find away to share the truth, while not being so direct, and that was a promise I made to everyone and anyone I spoke to, so you see, to say may be "I'm not sure" is crazy. Tell me, what does he know that I know, or don't know? You know?

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    If you got the link, then you read his story. I hold nothing back, now, I'm finished. I did what I said I would do, peace to everyone, those who enjoyed my posts, and those who just plainly dislike me, peace. I need to move on, find myself, and my life, this is no longer it. I thought it important enough to share with you the story about my father, and those who were involved with my father, their quest for assassinating Fidel Castro, and fully expose what Watergate was truly about, now you know.

    If you ever find yourself in a discussion with someone about Watergate, and someone is ranting and raving about how it was a plot to set up the president, this, that and the other, just smile, and agree knowing that Watergate was really a fund raising project to re-capture Cuba.

    At least Frank was honest when he said, "we just got greedy." It's not a story they'd want circulating around Miami, after all, even Torrenite said he was going to invade Cuba.

    So, they said nothing at all, or others created stories for them, and there you have it, they were off the hook.

    Well, I've said enough, I ended my father's thread on a high note, leaving you with all the answers I know, now, as much as it will pain me to never post again, I'm sure there are some who's saying it's just as painful to read my posts, lol...

    I wish you all the very best, I will check-in every now and then to read something, but I really must move on with a life, it was fun, peace!

    Scott Kaiser

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    I couldn't leave without saying what I needed to say, and this has been on my mind for sometime now. Thanks Peter for helping me open up, see the light sorta say, it's not what you said through our PM's, but rather how you said it. You can tell a lot about a person from a conversation, even if it's through emails I suppose. I'd like to start off by saying, Thanks! But, you won't need to keep my MS confidential, not anymore. I just wanted to share what I found about a man who I thought I knew as my father, funny how some people can be fooled for a very long time, and this fool didn't know who his father was until 2004. I really had no idea I was living with a man I called dad, and he did what he did. I suppose my mother never really wanted to share that well kept secret fearing I would turn out like my dad. I can understand.

    I suppose life had to take it's course, for more than 40 years I was led to believe my father was killed in some accident, that wasn't the case, it was no accident, and my mother knew it too, however, no attorney would help her, every attorney that tried was told to back off the case pretty much.

    When I came across reading something at another forum, I read these exact words; "LIKE I ALWAYS SAY: it is the people promoting the OFFICIAL story who make the money...the rest of us lose money or break even and, in any event, work for a living. Hill hasn't worked since 1975!"

    I honestly didn't know people could or would actually want to make a living off the assassination of Kennedy or Watergate, I could never profit off my father or his death, or his life's story that ultimately led to his death, and that's why I say no worries about keeping it confidential. I knew in my heart I had to do what was right.

    I remember once Wim D. told me that it should be okay if you put a lot of your own money into it, he said you should expect to recuperate your money back, expenses like travel, etc. etc. etc.

    I suppose so, however, I'm not a journalist, researcher or an established author, I'm not famous or claim to be powerful or have those connections, trying to profit off death. I'd rather give you what our family has lived through, and if anyone can make a living off of another tragedy, by all means, more power to you!

    LIKE I ALWAYS SAY: it is the people promoting the OFFICIAL story who make the money...
    Perhaps, and this is just a suggestion, this person should write a book and make it about the "official Story" whatever that is, and he could make some money, and not have to work, problem solved?
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    Oh, and one more thing. I did call Eugenio Martinez asking him if he could tell me anything about Ed Arthur, there was really nothing he could share with me, it's been so long ago he said.

    If Eugenio had anything of importance to say, I would have given it to you in a PM.
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    You know, what really, really gets me is that here is a document contradicting Castillo's testimony and says Luis has said there were (15) men in Dallas, when that's NOT true, Luis testified there were (14), in-fact. I have a document that gives Richard Poyle's record of admitting to (14) men in Dallas, and the CIA says they safely exfiltrated (14) from Dallas on 11/22/1963. And, folks don't want to believe what I'm telling them? I suppose it would be difficult for someone who's been following the case for 50 plus years to swallow new information, hey, asshole! This ISN"T about me or money or because I want to be the best author or most recognized person on the plant, hope you understand that part. This is about the truth, and there's a lot more to the story, if there were (14) and not the (15) as provided in this document do you suppose had Oswald lived there would have been other pasties involved? After all what was the whole assassination about? To start a war with Cuba maybe? No shit Sherlock!

    What do you think the photo's my father had were about meathead?

    Oh, and I now have proof that the photos my father stole were the photos Luis took while he was in Dallas!

    And, the publisher says may be I'm not even sure? He's kidding right? I'm not sure how many times I have to get this information though to some numbnuts, but... Like I said, I know more than you think!

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    And, what you need to know is that Bill Kelly is the first to ever expose this information, the first person I know who knew about this information, and what else you should know is that Luis was never a communist fighter, he was never communist, he left Cuba before it was publicly known to be a communist country. However,

    Luis did fight with Fidel Castro in M-26-7, and there are members of M-26-7 still alive today living in Miami, and, Luis' brother-in-law was Eddie "Bayo" and he did leave for Chicago after hearing the news that his brother-in-law was trapped in Cuba, not captured, and John Martino wanted him, (Luis) to go back into Cuba with a team of commandos and help Bayo escape, but, William Pawley thought it was a bad idea, shortly after this is when everyone was plotting Kennedy's assassination because he tried shutting down Pawley from this mission, why do you think Castillo went to Chicago? Not because of his mother I can assure you that. My father writes in a letter "Do I have to see New York, Chicago or Dallas Texas," all three places where they were plotting Kennedy's assassination. And, yes! My father did work with Pawley, Castillo and others, he also has their addresses and phone numbers for Christ sake in his address book, tell me how is it that there is only information released about my father from the three letter agencies on what they want you to know, but, nothing reported on my father and Pawley who worked together? I'll tell you why, because that means everyone is on-a-need-to know-bases. If you don't have that information, you don't need to know according to the government. You won't find anything about those two, Pawley and my father, or about other information, but you will read the bullshit information they want you to read?!?
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    shortly after this is when everyone was plotting Kennedy's assassination because he tried shutting down Pawley from this mission

    Oh, and because Kennedy had warned Fidel Castro that there was going to be an attempt on his life, that is how Castro was ready for Bayo, and there was a gun fight, and Bayo and his men killed all of Castro's men that were sent to that area, apparently, Castro didn't send over enough men. Pawley knew that Kennedy had warned Castro. I wonder why would Kennedy ever do that?

    And, this is all the truth!

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