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Thread: On Edwin Kaiser and Related Topics

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    Some may even ask, how could Kennedy intervene by making the call? The announcement of no American military was first published before the Bay of Pigs began, how then could Kennedy call off American military if no military was to be used in the first place? Secondly, the president of the United States is Commander in Chief over the military. Therefore, Kennedy could not make that call in order to be omitted from record.

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    Again, and the truth shall set me free!

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    Oh, but wait Scott.... No American military was being used. Really? So, using American planes disguised as non-American military planes meant we weren't using American military equipment right? Not to mention that American pilots were also used and shot-down, but hey, it wasn't like Kennedy was using American military armed forces, it was all the Brigade 2506. Right.... Who said, "I have never been more ashamed of my country."

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    Most importantly, the A4-Skyhawks were by no means American right? They must have been the Brigades too. I mean since they would have only involved themselves in backing the B-26s and not engage Castro right? Right!....

    To bad they arrived an hour late, had there not been that screw up, the outcome may have been different. I suppose Kennedy's announcement to the American public that no American military would be used would have been a lie too, I mean what do we call the Skyhawks? And, had the outcome been different, what would Kennedy have said, the French intervened flying our Skyhawks? Right....

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    Truth, it can be brutal....

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    Has anyone ever wondered why Kennedy would announce no American military, yet, American military was used? Perhaps, it was away to avoid a much larger war had war broken out beyond Cuba, remember, Vietnam was also going on, and WWII had just wrapped up a decade earlier, what does that mean? Perhaps, Kennedy was trying to avoid WWIII? And, still eliminate Castro?

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    Here's the cold hard facts, although, some folks may argue these facts, you must ask yourself. Is arguing these facts worth being wrong?

    1. After talking to a few folks in the State Department, I have learned that it wasn't the state department who changed the landing from Trinidad to the Bay of Pigs, it was the president.

    2. I have learned that it was the State Department who was debriefing the president on the CIA's plans, missions and attack. The Department of State could not condone which action the CIA should take, orders were being received by the president of the United States who relayed these orders to the Department of Defense then unto the CIA.

    3. The CIA was fully in-change of this operation with the intent of overthrowing Fidel Castro. However, the president did make changes to the landing at Trinidad believing the airstrips there were too short for landing operations.

    4. The president pre-approved "air-cover" for the B-26's using American military A-4 Skyhawks, however, these Skyhawks arrived an hour later for air cover, and Castro's Air Force was able to topple all 19 planes the CIA had. The American government contends only 16 planes were destroyed, truth is, there was a total of 19 planes in all that Castro brought down.

    5. The secret is finally out as to who called off the second airstrike, we now know that president Kennedy needed to be omitted from record by calling off the second airstrikes as he had already made it specifically clear no American military would be used in order for him to accept public responsibility. He had to be omitted from record. Kennedy would try to avoid a catastrophe between the United States and possibly Russia, it was after the Bay of Pigs that Russia decided to defend Cuba. Fidel Castro was already conducting relations with Khrushchev prior to the Bay of Pigs, and Kennedy knew it, the clincher was finding missiles in Cuba.

    Bottom line is, Kennedy had Bundy make the call to the CIA and "stand-down, no air support is given" since the Bay of Pigs, many researchers believed that Bundy was acting on the president's best interest while taking matters into his own hands, however, the CIA already learned that it was the president who had called off the second air-strike, which caused the two years of planning, waiting and the assassination of president Kennedy.

    This is the truth.
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    The comment, "no air-support is given" meant U.S. military Skyhawks were not to get involved, this order was relayed a bit too late while the Skyhawks had already taken off. The difference between the time zones in Washington DC to the time zones in the gulf where the Essex docked was one hour, when the Skyhawks had taken off to defend the B-26 there were non to defend, all was lost, and the battle was over, Castro won, Kennedy accepted defeat which had haunted him all the days of his life.
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    If you ask me, I believe everyone knew about the late arrival of the A-4's including Kennedy. I believe it was planned, and Kennedy did all he could do to support the Brigade with military equipment and training, but in the end, he also wanted the United States to stay out of a domestic fight. Promises were being made by both the CIA and Kennedy. The CIA pretty much assured American backing would be used in the ousting of Fidel Castro, Kennedy approved the Skyhawks aboard the ship Essex, there were impending fleets off the coast of Cuba to make it appear US military would be used, now, can you blame the fighting exiles for believing someone lied to them? Yes, after talking to many of them privately, in an open and honest setting, they have relayed to me that Kennedy had to go for his broken promises and loss of their brothers in arms.

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