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Thread: On Edwin Kaiser and Related Topics

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    Thanks Pete for moving it, I suppose there is no discrediting me anytime in the near future, probably not ever! Imagine that? On average, the one thread that receives nearly 3-5 thousand hits per week, and still no one to call me out, no one to discredit me, as that guy would say, "case closed"?

    I'm assuming he too would not want to debate the truth! But man, it would be a great debate, wish he would...

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    Am I reading this thread correctly? Is this thread indicating that the Italians were involved in whacking Jack? Well crap! Why wasn't I informed? I'll be sure to add another country to the hitlist!

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    Thanks so much Anthony.

    Those are three very interesting links. Just what I am talking about.

    These guys really turned the tide in Italy against Kennedy's.

    If I'm not mistaken, you said the very same thing about the Congo, Vietnam, Egypt, Iran, Israel and now Italy. Is there any country we shouldn't throw-in?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim DiEugenio View Post

    I don't know what you are talking about, which is a recurrent problem I have with you.

    If you have not noticed, the recent research shows that Harvey, who was stationed in Rome at the time of JFK's visit, was in Dallas in November of 1963. Italy was also of interest to Angleton since he lived there for a long time. Both men opposed the Kennedy/Schelsinger 'apertura' (Italian for opening) concept of bringing the socialists into the mainstream. Consequently, the Strategy of Tension countered this quite effectively by a variety of terror type means, perhaps even including train station bombings and the Red Brigades.

    As many have suspected for a long time, it is looking more and more like Permindex was a creation of the Agency and its allies to facilitate this campaign. What with Bloomfield enlisting Rockefeller and Rothschild as partners and the discoveries that align with that in Italy that Paz and her author have discovered. Clay Shaw made a serious error in recording this in his Who's Who and then eliminating it after the Kennedy murder.

    As per your last comment, I think most people can see the difference between the machinations noted above and in the other places. I don't think Madame Nhu, the Belgians or the Shah were involved in the murder of Kennedy. But it is undeniable that Kennedy's reform foreign policy was seriously altered and then reversed in those places, and others, after he was killed. I for one do not consider that all to be somehow accidental. All one has to do is read the proper literature in the field by writers like Rakove, Mahoney, Muelhenbeck and Poulgrain, among others, to discover those facts. Some of us do read those books because its in the best interest of current scholarship about Kennedy's administration and his foreign policy views. If one thinks, as I do, that he was killed over those views, then its quite natural to explore them and elucidate them. Since both the MSM and our critical community have ignored those initiatives for a very long time.
    Okay, that don't impress me much, so you don't understand me, I'm sorry, however, I perfectly understand everything you're saying. I suppose my question should've been, didn't you say some thing similar about the Congo, Vietnam, Egypt, Iran, France, Cuba and now Italy? Just saying....

    Got that from Shania Twain.
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