El Salvador officially requested joining Petrocaribe

2 junio, 2014 Latin America 0 Comments
President Sanchez Ceren applied to join Petrocaribe of El Salvador to improve the quality of life of the country. (Photo: Reuters)

The dignitary Salvador Sanchez Ceren signed on the second day of management to introduce a petition representing the country in the economic bloc established oil alliance with Venezuela Caribbean.
“We have established a social policy developments that were impoverished for decades,” said Salvadoran President reiterated his commitment to the welfare of the people based on economic development.
He said the goal of entering Petrocaribe is enhancing social policies. He acknowledged that seek to ensure the political, economic and social stability to self-determination of peoples.
Petrocaribe was created in 2005 by Commander Hugo Chávez. Establishes a series of energy agreements, further boost the economy of the 17 member countries, seeks to create agreements on social issues to dignify people.
Sanchez Ceren had previously explained his intentions to the president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, during an official visit to the South American nation where various issues of bilateral cooperation were discussed.
Petrocaribe is an economic bloc that allows the purchase of oil in Venezuela with special financing conditions and allows thereby enhancing the quality of life. Among the forms of payment, including: medical and food supply services