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Thread: Lyndon Johnson and Mac Wallace - by Joan Mellen

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    I will be quite surprised if Nathan reported this. But honestly we never discussed THAT aspect. It really frightened him and I found a way to calm him down which I will not post. (Drew I sent you a PM, did you get it?)
    Erick just wandered in to my office with a business card he has had since first meeting Nathan in 98. Or 97, not positive of when we met. Obviously after we met J in Dallas on 11/21/97 outside our hotel room at COPA. (One of my favorite stories).
    The card sets out all of Nathan's credentials including his certification number which is (was) 78-468.
    For someone to now say that "we knew that" meaning J knew Nathan was not certified is such a bold face lie and a dishonor to both J and to Nathan.
    Some throw the term "dear friend" around like it is trash.
    Too bad a family of the deceased cannot sue. And how utterly convenient to make such lying claims after the persons are long dead.


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    Nathan Darby's business card
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    Thanks for the address. Since it appears to be a residential one, I will update my Open Records request with the address.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Drew Phipps View Post
    Thanks for the address. Since it appears to be a residential one, I will update my Open Records request with the address.
    Yes it's a little cul de sac a block from us. It is a residence. I guess Nathan just must have made up all that stuff on his card including his certification number. One has to wonder why such an effort to discredit him has been made.


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