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Thread: If Kennedy had Lived: Anatomy of a sell out

  1. Default If Kennedy had Lived: Anatomy of a sell out

    This was really a bit sickening to read.

    Jeff Greenfield put his finger in the wind in 1972 and figured out which way to go for the bucks.

    And boy did he head that way.

    Even if it meant walking over the grave of his former boss, RFK.

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    Works like Greenfield's only make more clear how big and unstoppable the Military Industrial Complex machine Kennedy took on was.

    There was a program on last night where Rumsfeld was allowed to give his take on 9-11.

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    Too many of the Kennedy people did that. Look at Larry O'Brien going to work for Howard Hughes.

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    No wonder people do not know what to believe after fifty years. What a traitor. To trash the truth this way the writer has to be doing so purposefully.
    Jim I don't think I knew you worked for McGovern. I did too, the entire year of 72, in four states. And I agree that was the end of the 60's idealism. It was a wake up call for me to see how incredibly stupid the US voters were. If memory serves- and this goes back to 72- JFK called McGovern the "most decent man in the US Senate". It was in Miami at the Dem. convention where I saw the Z film for the first time.

    And here we are today:medialies. I detest MSM.


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    I go over a lot of this in my book, but the establishment Left never loved the Kennedys. Clearly, this is still true. Those who were the alleged "best and brightest" around him were noticeable for remaining silent in the midst of all the public controversy surrounding his assassination over the years.

    With close "friends" like Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee, JFK appears to have been surrounded by those who cared so little about him that his death never merited attention, let alone investigation. All his closest associates- Smathers, Sorensen, Charles Bartlett, O'Donnell, Powers, Lem Billings, etc. all studiously avoided the subject nearly as completely as Jackie and later Caroline would.

    So his own seeming political brethren on the Left really never liked him, and obviously the Right has always hated the Kennedy family. The common people realized how special JFK was, and they still do, which is the only explanation for his enduring popularity.

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    I worked for McGovern in my hometown of Erie PA through the summer and fall of 1972.

    That is when I read a A Populist Manifesto, a really good book.

    BTW, I think Greenfield also worked on the Jerry Bruno book, the Advance Man.

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    John Lennon went to the streets to fight Nixon's re-election in 1972. He teamed up with Abbie Hoffman and those 60's radicals who wanted to put the political desires of the 60's into action and get rid of a symbol of establishment power and Viet Nam. This brought the FBI down on Lennon and Nixon went after him. His apartment was bugged and he was visibly followed by FBI agents who made it a point to be seen. He told people if he and Yoko were ever killed it wouldn't be an accident. When Nixon won by a large margin it sort of cooled off his aspirations and he backed-off, restrategizing to lay low, fight deportation, and gain citizenship. The wolves who killed JFK had long memories. They caught up with John Lennon in December 1980 making sure he never threatened them again.

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