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Thread: US/UK state brainwashing/torture/murder

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    Default US/UK state brainwashing/torture/murder

    How MI5/NSA murder people and make them loose their minds (it's called 'wrestling')
    From - "The governments of the United States and Great Britain currently employ teams of agents whose responsibility is to ruin the lives of those individuals who’ve had the misfortune to run afoul of the establishment."
    This is true it seems, but far from the whole story. Below is a summary of my observations/experiences. I'm 'told' quantum entanglement is the modus for synthetic telepathy; I have my doubts, but any system which can switch-on/off can be 'computerised' I gather, so there may be something in it (I'm assuming gold nano-particles ingested from tainted food, but true or not, it's by-the-by for the crux of this post).
    I've had so many messages in the last 3yrs that I was kinda surprised when I came across at the number of 'coincidental' references I've been 'trained' to register, so "jazz" for e.g.: Jazz fusion; Techno Viking; Bumblebee; Watchtower; Forest Warrior; Birdsong; Dragon's Snout; Ice; Spring Bishop; Viking Pillage; Top Hat; Angry Pirate; Bumpercar; Badger; Chinese Firecracker; Glitterball; Poisoned Dagger; Sunblock; Cryostat; Primate; Jedi; Quincy; Snoopy; MobileHoover; Space Rocket; Deadpool; Wurlitzer. It's all gibberish to me but there's a characteristic of these people - hubris, they're above the law, so they blab & torture for shits-n-kicks for e.g. They traumatise, 'for the win'.
    Weapons - Tactics, Technology and Techniques
    Brainwave manipulation/mind 'control', "ESP", links/patches/influencing, 'whispers' of the ear/inner mind/mind's eye, 'notions', perhaps a multiple effect technique - very low 'power' on any one 'channel', a whisper in the ear (microwave auditory effect), a whispered audiogram into the 'mind', a whispered play/replay of an earlier recording of a 'triggering' event; gestures, mannerisms, phrase looping/repetition; feed, read or read & feed (conferencing) dream choreography; thoughts, ideas, imagery dropped into your mind, perhaps from decades ago in your life (pilfered presumably from induced deep sleep states);
    Consiousness control, wide awake thru' to very deep trance-like hypnotic states at the flick of a switch; used to enter occupied properties;
    Power of suggestion; multi-directional;
    'Biomachine' effects; blocked nose, facial muscle fatigue, sneeze/cough (often used on other people, for your 'benefit'/ behaviour control/influenceing of others), 'shark knife' - uncomfortable abdominal ache, muscle spasms for hours & days, heart fibrilation/tachycardia followed by 4 days of right pectoral in spasm, remote static charging of the body, body heating/sudden chilling; synthetic trigeminal neuralgia - sleep deprivation, excruciating to agonising pain, up to 12hrs at a time, each night for 6months (it's supposed to be "up to 2mins" according to the NHS);
    'Point effect'/directed energy/microwave laser - shock pains, fibrilation/ tachycardia/ toothache/ muscle spasms/ cough-sneeze 'cues'/ sudden 'random' pains/ concentration on joints - disabling;
    Clock stopping, lightbulb blowing, function changing, central heating/boiler operation modifications - 'polar breeze' effect of remote computer (cpu) control; washing machine spin time doubled;
    'Predictive'/interactive/interrogative tv - surveillance to computer/humans to video/tv signal modification - your name/"...has just stood up"/"sat down"/"is going-out"/"was KKilled today" (heavy 'kuh' emphasis, 'sh' & 'ch')/ "yes"/"crossing your legs is a sign of lieing", regardless of the ache; possibly totally faked on occaision, full CGI of news programs;
    Implants, 'man-machine' interface; many references to a laser thru' the window 'illuminating' a plastic cup: a microwave laser 'illuminating' the head's implanted nano-particle dual/multi-function (?) physical torture (trigeminal nerve resonance) 'phone signal/TETRA conductive EEG, trig implants, transponder, microphone; many messages of lasers illuminating plastic cups thru' windows to eavesdrop, the 'cup' being your head, and walls are no barrier to maser arrays;
    A merging of internet/'phone network & 'neural' net;
    Psychological pressure 'tools'/techniques/brainwashing; orchestration of 'ideas of reference', maleable tv & 'phone signals (zeros & ones), apophenia & pareidolia; repetitions of loud, 'sharp' noises; Penn & Teller illusions & Derren Brown's guilt-inducing techniques, ecclectic attacks;
    Cat herding/ waking and meowing/ puking on command/ rendering unconscious - zonked-out, tongues lolling, drooling, feet twitching, waking as tho' dazed and confused out of a deep dream; dog barks - 'real' or induced, or MP3's;
    'Monarch' programming template of 'mind control'; schizophrenia 'training', trigger-words, confusions & obfuscations - impressions of pseudo-gangs/false-flagging of attacks; various noise types, usually short & sharp (fear training tool - 'kuh' & 'ch' like clicks, 'shh' as in 'shush'), 'track' movements/thinking (a good one would be picking-up a cup, wondering why it wasn't registered, then a carhorn goes-off); references are linked to create a breadth/depth of influence;
    Mystification/agrandisation; anonymising feints, "gods", "superheroes", "dragons", various "mafias"/organised crime rings - "Mr. Big the cocaine smuggler in Bournemouth is on your case"; Wikileaks/Assange, Romany Blythe, 'Anna from Manchester', NSA/Obama; false attributions to people, countries, anything; a fictionalising 'Hollywood'-driven narrative; "How come you never mention the Russians?" - cue "- and the Russians"/various left-wing groups; "An acrobatic Bulgarian dwarf is hiding in your home behind an invisibility cloa - he slinks into your home when you open your door" - cue the doorstepping charity muggers/Sky salesmen;
    Networked system, illusion of open access to competative evil-minded 'influence technicians' working to a template for a financial reward; psychiatric patients wired-in to system for fun & target practice;
    Reversals - what & who you like begin to employ the references you've been seeded with;
    Overt threats/predictions of violence, injury, death; "fate";
    Poisoning; i.e. 24hrs of blood in the urine, caustic effect, bladder/urethra lining stripped, raw; followed-up with references to depilatory toxins & baldness, etc.;
    Circular messaging, double-bind (coercion) - "there's hope" - "there's no hope"; disinformation and lies, often very personal;
    Automated calling/'phone 'beeps' as synchronous cues/harrassment;
    Barrage of grotesque false accusations; the target searches for the meanings/origins of the last & next, which then becomes further accusations, as though their insults were all established fact;
    'Phone network the conveyor;
    Memory manipulation/impairment, low-level chronic frequency targetting, a confusion; side-effect of microwave heating; also an artefact of cognitive delerium - the purpose of the confusions and pressure, the training-in of an abnormal mental state, i.e. schizophrenia, backed-up by thefts of coffee/milk/sugar, repeated tv news reports, extended spin-cycles, repetitions;
    A steady ratchetting-up of means & intensity, each week a new 'reveal' - if 'necessary' and to avoid recognition by the target of the artificiality - torturers/'influence technicians' fear reactance;
    Red ink lines on the reverse of door handles to stain the fingers, as per broken glass cuts;
    Gang-stalking 'cut-outs'; as per a deffinition of the (V-verband of-) vertrauensmann - "were agents recruited by the Abwehr and the Nazi security service, the Sicherheitsdienst. The recruits, who were primarily used to maintain surveillance of the civilian populations in Germany and in occupied countries, then organised their own network of sub-agents and informers who often had no idea for whom they were working. According to an SD instruction issued in 1937, vertrauensmann were to be recruited among those having as little culture, common sense, objectivity and logic as possible. But as they included individuals such as Henri Dericourt, and one vertrauensmann was able to penetrate the MI6 network in the Netherlands (Venlo Incident), this instruction was obviously often ignored. The word was also used to describe a confidential agent on a much higher plane, such as the individuals employed in the attempted SS abduction of the Duke & Duchess of Windsor in July 1940"; people around the target in the street/shops/neighbours etc. talk your name on the 'phone as they pass, laugh, drop key-words, stop you in the street for cigarettes, money, enquiries; 'ideas of reference'; shout out to references on the tv you're watching; laugh as family members, friends & pets die and as their names are mentioned coincidentally(?) on tv, or have the message passed to their 'phones by the surviellance agents that you're thinking about them for more 'ideas of reference' cues; a (usually) one-way neural net brain/mind link/feed, many people on one person; messages of a 'protective screen' (REFUTED) around target, very mock indignant when refuted in four letter stream, more double-bind/mind gaming/pseudo-gang b/s; goes as far as a cop car with it's lights-on sitting at night on the yards-away crossroads with a heli buggering about above for a half hour; (the day I wrote this, 28-7-'14, a heli was buggering about for an hour, either side of midnight - this sort of 'coincidence' happens alot to me);
    Very many message mind games, evolving/outmoding; "slave" was popular for a couple of years, ignored and subsequently dropped-off; "thirst/water", "hot", "cold"; "Leaks damage national security", "Military men react aggressively", "You're/I'm being followed" blasted into my head, too clear, too loud, too obtuse - not microwave auditory effect - into my mind - 'audiogram'? "They'll annihilate you", "We gave them the ability, and now they don't want to give it up", etc.; brief 2week burst of "American exceptionalism" & "Might is right";
    Hollywood 'seeded' for schizophrenia training; in UK it's the adverts, especially channel sponsor adverts, such as 118118 - they're flexible, they come and go - you get (or are given) a sore neck, 118 blabs-on for a week about sore necks, or you send-in your 16page 9-point submission to the Investigatory Powers Tribunal, and 118 starts-on with "Kill the messenger";
    Some of what Tim Rifat writes is possibly bollocks, I can't be doing with his 'psi', but alot of it precisely fits with my experiences and 'sounds right', it's helped me a great deal in my reactance to the b/s: (all of this doc seems to me to be precisely on the money) - - - .
    Their abilities are profoundly accomplished; people don't survive this kind of attack, I suspect, hence the hubris. But I'm really pissed-off about this; their influence technicians are dog's dinners; scenario - you ponder over a cigarette or a boiled sweet, you opt for the boiled sweet, a sarcastic "hardcore" pops into your minds ear - not microwave auditory, but into your mind. This - - is on tv; you see the 'P', into your mind is beamed a snearing "Power". Well, it's actually 'prototype', but it's a nice reveal of the mentality of the freelance anonymous verbande. I'm constantly irradiated with microwaves (I suspect/assume they are). Murdering shits.

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    There's some useful stuff here: as well as a very great deal of garbage to sift through.
    Those who must silence others for speaking the truth cannot be innocent.

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    A bit too much of a feel of the Ghost-train at the funfair about that oregonhospital site.
    Hope I didn't miss-out the millimeter wave surveillance method; I'm 'told' the 24/7/52/3 is cameras in the ceiling; it's mm waves I'm fairly sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Barwell View Post
    millimeter wave surveillance method
    I have no idea what that is. Indeed I didn't understand much of what you wrote. Anyway, 99%+ of what's out there on this subject is crap, but there are some interesting pdfs of patents at that site. Whether they're bs or not, I wouldn't know, but the patent #s are given; they can be looked up online.
    Those who must silence others for speaking the truth cannot be innocent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charles Keeble View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Barwell View Post
    millimeter wave surveillance method
    I have no idea what that is. Indeed I didn't understand much of what you wrote. Anyway, 99%+ of what's out there on this subject is crap, but there are some interesting pdfs of patents at that site. Whether they're bs or not, I wouldn't know, but the patent #s are given; they can be looked up online.
    What is is that you don't understand? Millimeter waves have been used for years by the military to see-thru' the fog of war on the battlefield; they're used in airport scanners; they see thru' walls. They can replace cameras - drilling holes thru' walls. 'Simple'.
    What I don't understand is the eye-tracking; seems quite something that the brains sight/hearing processing can be remotely read, but apparently hearing can be and it's been published so.

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    I'm missing 25 tv channels this morning. Absolutely zero strength/quality of reception on 25 channels. Odd.

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