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    I call this piecing the puzzle together:

    You know, when I listen to Howard Hunt speak on this tape it sounds as though he is saying quit less than what the members of the Bay of Pigs are saying, nevertheless, they all seems to correspond with one anothers stories.

    In-fact, on this taped conversation with E. Howard Hunt, he starts to reflect on the promises made by president President Kennedy. But, Hunt does not go into details of what Kennedy's administration had promised.

    why? Because, Hunt's security level as an [employee] with the CIA would have had put him and his family at high risk for [breach of contract] with the company and or it's agency the CIA. Had it not been for Hunt revealing what he knows about any promises made, perhaps, there would never be some important follow up videos to piece together on what really happen that fateful day 4/17-19/1961.

    The day Doomsday infiltration of the anti-Castro's failed at the Bay of Pigs. Perhaps, Hunt was giving us the information which is now contained in the fifth volume of the Bay of Pigs that has recently been frozen by President Obama's U.S. Justice Dept. and by their Federal judge of his jurisdiction to keep the fifth volume of the Bay of Pigs from ever being released to the general public.? But why? Whatever the reason, it must be pretty huge information, and someone doesn't want us to know.

    There was only one administration in charge during the Bay of Pigs operation, and one person in charge during Operation Mongoose, and RFK if he were alive today, would tell you it was he. Howard Hunt seems to reveal the CIA's internal investigations of the Bay of Pigs. But, Hunt is careful not to spill his guts.

    You see, there is only so much an agent can say before that agent loses everything he or she has worked for.

    Therefore, Hunt could've been personally sued by the CIA. Hunt would have lost everything, Hunt, not taking his chances only gives us a brief synopsis or short version of the promises made by President John F. Kennedy.

    Here is the interview with Hunt:

    However, after talking to Eugenio Martinez, Eli Cesar and Joseph Molina we start to see the promises made by Kennedy's administration. And, what went wrong at the Bay of Pigs.

    Tape number one:

    Tape number two:

    Tape number three:

    Tape number four:

    With this last tape we start to get the real insight picture of what went wrong, and the promises made by Kennedy's administration, which IMHO, Kennedy who changed the plan, lead the charge and made promises he couldn't keep. Kennedy was also taken out of office by the promises the anti-Castro Cuban people would make.

    Hope you've all enjoyed! The truth, whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God. "It was the CIA that took out Kennedy, not Oswald."

    Scott Kaiser

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    In-fact, if we really pay attention to all these interviews we will learn that there were two men who were wholeheartedly responsible for pressuring President Kennedy to stop and desist, to stand down, and not get involved, to call off the airstrikes, that's right folks, the first was Adlai Stevenson and someone else, can you tell me who he was? Thanks!

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    Enjoy! I sure hope the pieces are beginning to fit.

    Just a small recap of names of the photos my father stole from the CIA. Howard Hunt, Frank Sturgis, Gordon Liddy, Bernard Barker and David Morales.

    Nov. 22: Nixon leaves Dallas, apparently before Kennedy's arrival.

    Nov. 22: President Kennedy is murdered in Dallas.

    Nov. 24: Ruby killed Oswald in the basement of the Dallas police jail.

    1963: Nixon recommends Congressman Gerald Ford for the Warren Commission.

    1964: Nixon lies to the FBI about being in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963.

    1964: Ford convinces the commission to alter a key finding—making its preposterous "single bullet" assassination theory slightly more believable, documents released in 1997 show. The theory held that one of the bullets struck Kennedy in the back, came out his neck, and then somehow critically wounded Texas Governor John Connally. Ford's change placed the back wound higher in Kennedy's body.

    E. Howard Hunt, the country’s most notorious spook who later served time for his role as one of the plumbers in the bungled burglary that later toppled Richard Nixon, gave a near-deathbed confession to his long-estranged son, naming then-Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson and a handful of CIA spooks as the cabal behind the assassination of John F. Kennedy, according to a story in Rolling Stone.
    RFK Jr. Condemns G. Gordon Liddy an Admirer of Hitler - Kinda Like JFK!

    Read more:

    G. Gordon Liddy and Marathon Oil—1962 to 1963

    If you ask me, I don't think there is enough information on Liddy.

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