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Thread: Joan Mellen Speech at AARC Conference

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    Peter: I don't have time to go through this thread again but I recall you posting that you got an email ?? from Joan stating that Walt said- (via email? or phone to Joan) "Ya we knew that" . Meaning he and J "Knew" that Nathan was not certified when he gave his affidavit. Well earlier on facebook someone posted the clip from the Guilty Men (TMWKK) and this was in 2003 Walt Brown talking about Nathan refers to him as A CERTIFIED print expert. So which is it? I know you are not on fb and I don't think Walt is either. But I just wanted to bring this to your attention. And to anyone else's who cares.

    Interesting. You are right, I don't go on facebook. I also have zero contact with Walt after he suddenly changed his mind that I could get and view some of J's files to he'd never even consider it....all magically without my doing anything in between. As to what Walt was supposed to have said, according to JM, you have it about how I remember it...although I don't know exactly when this was asked and told. Perhaps it is a contradiction - and perhaps it will become more clear when the book is out. Remember, however, that this matter [Darby et al. and the prints] is only a chapter or a few in the book. The exact nature of the rest of the book I'm not aware of fully other than it seems to be focused on things connected to LBJ. It does seem to me that this may be a matter of semantics....that Darby in his prime might have been certified in various organizations, and later only in one or less than earlier due to lapsed certification - hardly a crime or even a great misdeed.

    Joan seemed to imply that he stated incorrectly in some affidavit as to which organization he was then currently certified in...but I don't know the details and even if true is [to me] much less important than if the prints match or not. Again, I have no proof, but this seems like it could be an innocent mistake or misunderstanding. I also wonder if there was some parallel operation at the time to discredit some persons or some information - just a hunch. There is no doubt that Darby was at one time certified in more than one organization. It seems [according to JM], that at least one of his certifications had not been renewed by the time he did this match. I'm more interested to know if the prints matched and if there was any foul play in this matter. Whether it was the intent or not, it has put a strain on some relationships which is regrettable. The information and the truth, in the end, are the important parts.

    Perjury IS a crime. And his certification did not lapse according to his son. I believe his Pastor son over some "note " in his file. And the prints DID match. Nathan had tried to show it to me on many occasions and it just looked like squiggly lines to me but on the day of the party I had here for his and my birthday we were sitting on the couch and by then he had a 34 point match. That day it literally jumped off the page for me. Richard Bartholomew, who was also here aided as well. After Nathan's home was robbed of his Mmac Wallace box, he kept trying to get another inked print. Richard had been working with Jay on this for years prior to Walt, so Richard had an excellent first generation copy, which he made a copy of to give to Nathan. Richard had previously studied the prints for years, and being an artist it was easier for him to see this. ND had been certified by the ONLY organization that matters and still was. Joan can believe what ever she wants. I believe SHE is making an honest error here, but my interest is solely in what Walt said. The "we knew this" comment. Because if this is something he said to Joan recently for her book, after she got the lying note in his file info, then he was lying on The Men Who Killed Kennedy when he called Nathan certified. Can't have it both ways. I believe his first recounting. Because that one is the truth. Nathan was certified and remained so. I am not sure why you are so willing to consider all this an "innocent" error. And breaking into someone's home and stealing their evidence is "foul play". Who ever did this got past the alarm, so it was a professional job and terrified Nathan.


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    I won't ask about this any further here. I have a new computer and the program sucks, there was not nearly enough room to import my full email address and to send an email I must manually type in the person's address, so I have to be able to go look it up. So I cannot send Walt an email and just ask what he has said. THAT is what I slould have done at the start of this, but can't. Oh I could probably gon online and find his email address someplace and then type it in manually and ask directly, but I only thought of that now. I was just listening to him on a video someone posted on fb. From 2013. And the pic they use of him is the press conf I started to listen to the video, which is very good. He has an incredible memory on this facts of this case. So did J so I can see why they hit it off so well. My last meeting with Walt was on Jaya's deathbed and it is a good memory, albeit it sad due to the circumstances. I want to just end this on that note. Nothing good can be achieved. Walt or Joan never put any note in Nathan's file. And it would have been put there after his affidavit, but Joan is the first to report this.

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