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Thread: Nazi Circular Vertical Takeoff Flying Vehicles - vis-a-vis "UFO's"

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    A bit off-topic for this part of the forum, but I don't agree that UFOs are/were Nazi secret technology. No doubt they had all kinds of weird stuff on the drawing board, but the "wonder weapons" were mostly a figment of Hitler's imagination. If not, they would have won the war. And if our government is responsible for UFOs, why is the military still using the crude conventional aircraft we see?

    But yes, a lot of Nazis were recruited after the war (there were already many Nazi supporters in the US power structure before the war). Fascism is an ideology that appeals to the elites.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tracy Riddle View Post
    A bit off-topic for this part of the forum, but I don't agree that UFOs are/were Nazi secret technology. No doubt they had all kinds of weird stuff on the drawing board, but the "wonder weapons" were mostly a figment of Hitler's imagination. If not, they would have won the war. And if our government is responsible for UFOs, why is the military still using the crude conventional aircraft we see?

    But yes, a lot of Nazis were recruited after the war (there were already many Nazi supporters in the US power structure before the war). Fascism is an ideology that appeals to the elites.
    I'm quit sure your stated position, above, is wrong, and I'm sorry you've somehow been so misinformed on this matter. I've spent two decades researching this and have many thousands of declassified documents [US/UK/CS/CZ/3rd Reich/GE/other], photos, interviews, and more; have read hundreds of books and papers on this subject; done archival research, etc. I have a lovely little photo, taken at the military airport N. of Prague in 1944, inside a hanger, clearly with what most would call a 'UFO' - what I would simply call an experimental circular vertical take-off aircraft. Next to this craft, with the classic 'UFO' shape is a very typical pudgy engineer type, looking very proudly at the camera, as it was his baby....and that is not all I have on this. I have the design plans and photos of the production models built at the Canadian facility based on the Nazi design after the War. The 'V-weapons' were NOT a figment of Hitler's imagination, and but for a few months and some errors of judgement the War might well have turned out rather differently. The Nazi scientists were ahead on every technological frontier - the CIOS reports I have prove that, as do the many 'snatch and exploit teams' I mentioned above. Germany lost the war only because these weapons systems were late in their production; because Germany [even Greater Germany] was surrounded and much landlocked, and was being bombed and needed raw materials, fuel, and transport mostly being denied them. Also, they had lost much of their ground forces/weapons on the Eastern Front. In fact, I'll tell you another little secret - Hiroshima for sure and Nagasaki, maybe would not have happened had the Germans not supplied some essential elements for those bombs.....another suppressed truth - this is the suppressed history of a shipment of parts of the German nuclear program to the USA in the U-boat 435 [surrendered off the NE Coast of the USA] - the full manifest of which is still classified, but we know generally what was in it. If the Germans were not so far ahead, why the various secret teams to find the scientists, technology, patents, blueprints, etc....and deny them to others?! The Germans also had magnetic accelerated weapons systems; advanced radar and anti-radar; their own nuclear program; alternative energy programs, sarin and tabin nerve poisons, systems to turn off aircraft and other engines remotely, beam weapons, were building two-stage rockets capable of delivering dirty nukes or bioweapons to New York City and other cities at that distance, miniaturized electronics, jet engines and aircraft, flying V-wing planes, refueling planes, computers, missile guidance systems and I could go on for another 40-50 lines with other technologies the Allies did not have. Look at the CIOS reports, the BIOS reports, the T-2 reports, the ALSOS reports, and others that are hard to find - and many are still might ask yourself why! You might have been misled by some of the nuts who follow this subject or the disinformation the US has put out to cover up much of this, but your conclusions couldn't be further from the historic and technological truth. You only have to look at NASA for but one example. I could name many others like that.
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    Mae Brussell was an amazing lady for her day. I remember that article from decades ago; an absolute gem.

    On the UFO subject I have to say, with respect, that I'm entirely with Pete here. Once the evidence have been pursued it is impossible to conclude other than that this technology derived from Nazi advanced and secret weapons developments that the US obtained. There is quite a bit on this forum where this has been discussed in the past (HERE and HERE being only two threads).

    Witness the following. The first picture is of Kenneth Arnold, a pilot who produced a drawing of the UFO he witnessed in the Mount Rainier in June 1947. It was this event that gave rise to the media description "flying saucer":

    Compare that drawing to the Nazi advanced aircraft designed by the Horten Brothers stealth aircraft designated HO IX Flying Wing:

    We can then compare both to the B2 bomber:

    The designers of the B2 Spirit went back to the Horton HO IX Flying Wing for their inspiration because of its stealth design.

    I would mention in passing that Kenneth Arnold is directly connected via Fred Lee Crisman who was subpoenaed by Jim Garrison for his close connection to Clay Shaw. Meanwhile, back in the FBI, Guy Bannister was:

    involved in virtually every anti-Communist organization and was a Minutemen coordinator. A former F.B.I. special agent, he had done many things including telexing a number of reports on UFO sightings to the bureau’s Security Matter-X file—perhaps the origin of the term “X Files?”

    The bottom line is that the entire story of "Flying Saucers" was a CIA disinformation campaign to deflect Soviet knowledge away from US nazi blueprinted advanced aircraft that were in development as part of Uncle's cold war campaign. The CIA disinformation programme was directed by an officer in Richard Bissel's office - which moves us in to the territory of the Bay of Pigs matter and thus back to JFK.

    PS, if one can be bothered to track through the following 10 minute tv documentary featuring Nick Cook, called "UFO's The Secret Evidence" you'll be able to listen to the CIA disinfo officer under Bissell's command discuss how and why the disinformation campaign was activated.

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    Default Nazi Circular Flying Vehicles vis-a-vis 'UFO's'

    I don't know why you're getting so upset, Peter, just because I don't agree with your theory. I happened to have studied both UFOs and Nazi Germany for about 35 years now. The UFO phenomenon cannot be explained so easily. I refer you to the books of Jacques Vallee, French astrophysicist and computer scientist, as an example. These craft perform maneuvers, fly at speeds, instantly reverse direction, even change shape and disappear in ways that our science can't explain. They have appeared over our nuclear missile sites and shut their power down.

    Again, if we've had access to such technology for the last 70 years - if they are just military aircraft - why haven't they made them public? Why are they still fighting wars with conventional aircraft? Mostly what the US was desperate to capture (and keep out of the Soviets' hands) was the rocket technology (the V program) and the turbojet technology, which created the ME262, the world's first operational jet fighter. Of course, it didn't work and the Soviets soon had those weapons. The Horten Brothers Flying Wing was simply a jet plane with a different shape. The Stealth Bomber is the same, but with radar-absorbing materials to create a smaller return signal.

    I worked in the aerospace/defense industry for 10 years and I can tell you that they are still spending billions on the same basic crap. Are they experimenting with unusual stuff? Sure? Is it actually in production? Not that anyone can see. The Germans were/are brilliant engineers and had all kinds of ideas on the drawing board, including flying discs. The US Air Force attempted the same thing in the 50s and it failed. If they've had UFO-type technology for 70 years, why build the U-2, the SR-71, the Stealth Bomber, the Osprey? The Predator Drone is about as conventional as you get.

    No, the CIA did not create the "flying saucers" story. That's absurd. UFOs have been seen throughout human history, and flying saucers were depicted on the covers of science fiction magazines in the 1920s and 1930s. Foreign governments have admitted to studying the subject honestly (unlike the US government).
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    Damn, why is it not printing my paragraph breaks? It's just running all the text together.

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    I have a theory why such technology was not placed into regular production, but I’ll let Pete answer that as, he has done more recent work on this subject. I will say, however, that the reason is strongly hinted at in Nick Cook’s (the Jane’s Defence journalist, as you know) tv documentary The Billion Dollar Secret

    Vallee eventually concluded that “aliens” were from a parallel world or inner world rather than outer world beings. He discusses this in his book, Passport to Magonia. He went on to expound on this in later books also, such as The Invisible College...

    His conclusion is entirely my position, too.

    For the record and for what it’s worth (not an awful lot I would say), I began investigating UFOs, as a Field Researcher (it think it was titled) for the foremost US UFO investigative group APRO (Aerial Phenomena Research Organization). That was over 50 years ago. I was, at the same time, the PR officer for one of the leading British UFO groups as well as being the Editor of their in-house magazine. I remember the very first UFO sighting, circa 1947 (although there were many such events during WWII also). So it would be true to say I have had an active interest in this subject for over 50 years.

    For me the subject needs to be broken down into two distinct branches. One of these is the technological developments derived from Nazi Black Sun technology investigations that the US acquired and experimented with, but then shelved (for all intents and purposes anyway). The other branch would be focused on so called “contacts”. My position is that they are two entirely different and separate disciplines.

    Having said that though, I do believe that there has been a concerted effort to blur the lines between these two aspects and to willfully develop a psychological sympathy in the public mind for the “aliens are here” side of the argument. And the reasons for this are, for me, chilling and of considerable concern.

    Today, we have a public image of the alien which was made famous by an American novelist, Whitley Streiber. It is the Grey alien pictured here from his novel Communion:

    It is my contention that this image, that is now part and parcel of our human psyche, was derived from one place, and one place only.

    In 1919, the occultist, Aleister Crowley did a pencil drawing on his inner world contact who he named as "Master Lam" (where the name "Lam" was short for "Llama). This is that drawing:

    Crowley was not in the least bit familiar with subject of aliens, but he wrote a great many books about his esoteric experiences in the inner world, or parallel world as Vallee defines it.

    Prior to Streiber's image of the alien, Crowley's Master Lam sketch had not manifested in UFO stories or lore at all (I was there!). But it did, oddly, appear in the British comic The Eagle, in a strip story called Dan Dare where a central character was the alien The Mekon:

    The image of the grey alien has now so infused itself into our collective psyche that it nowadays back-dated to fit into all sorts of near-historical UFO sightings.

    To conclude, obviously, I am a poacher turned game keeper these days...
    Attached Images Attached Images
    The shadow is a moral problem that challenges the whole ego-personality, for no one can become conscious of the shadow without considerable moral effort. To become conscious of it involves recognizing the dark aspects of the personality as present and real. This act is the essential condition for any kind of self-knowledge.
    Carl Jung - Aion (1951). CW 9, Part II: P.14

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    Btw, I meant to mention that I have searched the Nick Cook documentary, UFO's The Secret Evidence for the CIA psywar discussion. It begins at approx 41:50 with Bedell Smith's memo about utilising flying saucer sighting for "the possible offensive or defensive utilization of these phenomena for psychological warfare purposes."

    I knew of this document some 20 years ago and received the explanation that UFO flaps would be used as a cloak for a US first nuclear strike on the Soviet Union. Dissecting this Bedell Smith memo leads me to conclude that the CIA had no interest in the so called alien technology at all - I think they knew exactly what really was causing that - but realized that the public concern could be developed to their war plan advantage.

    At 43:00 the segment moves on to the interview with the former CIA analyst, Melvin Goodman, who worked on these psywar operations under Bissell, that I referenced earlier. But you'll need to fast forward from there to his comments towards the end of the programme to hear what he says in that regard (apologies but I don't have the time to parse the whole doco now).
    The shadow is a moral problem that challenges the whole ego-personality, for no one can become conscious of the shadow without considerable moral effort. To become conscious of it involves recognizing the dark aspects of the personality as present and real. This act is the essential condition for any kind of self-knowledge.
    Carl Jung - Aion (1951). CW 9, Part II: P.14

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    Strieber gets blamed for that image, but remember that similar aliens appeared in Spielberg's Close Encounters in 1977.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peter Lemkin View Post
    Can I ask that this remains about Nazi connections to the JFK Assassination and another thread be started on UFOlogy [and related].
    The subject was brought up in your original post.

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    How Nixon Actually Got Into Power

    By Mae Brussell

    From "The Realist", August, 1972

    The rise of Adolph Hitler and fascism in Germany was carefully planned. It began with the illegal rearmament of a covert army following defeat in World War I, which was an intentional, secretive breaking of the Versailles Treaty disarmament agreements. American munition manufacturers and industrialists aided the clandestine military leaders of Germany in their rearmament. (1)

    Over four hundred political assassinations of legitimate government officials from various agencies in Germany took place during that period. These murders were necessary for the desired power and position the hidden German government needed.

    German law courts, plus their Supreme Court, assisted the growing military regime from 1920-1933. Two governments, one official and legal, one clandestine and secretive, existed side by side, Hitler, front man and leader of the illegal arms, mistaken for comical by the intellectuals, was administered the oath as Chancellor of the German Reich January 30, 1933.

    The rise of Richard Nixon in the United States was carefully planned. An illegal attitude towards the Versailles Treaty allowed American financiers to feed and support Germany's illegal rearmament. An illegal attitude toward the Geneva Accord was also approved by Dwight Eisenhower for Indochina in 1945.. (2)

    A study of our State department and espionage establishment reveals that we had clandestine, secret armies functioning both abroad and in the United States. (3)

    Hundreds of political assassinations, plus the Supreme Court, have supported this clandestine government and military regime by lending their name to the concealment of the conspiracies to murder our leaders. They refuse to examine documents that exist, allow truth to remain locked in the National Archives on the basis of the lie, "national security."

    Richard Nixon, front man and leader of this illegal government, mistaken for comical by the intellectuals, was administered the oath of president of the United States on January 20, 1969.

    Military and industrial fanatics felt deprived and defeated when John Kennedy would not make war with the Soviet Union as late as 1961. E.M. Dealey, militant publisher of the Dallas News, told President Kennedy, 'We need a man on horseback to lead this nation. Too many people in Texas and the Southwest think you are riding Caroline's tricycle." (4)

    Two years later, in Dealey Plaza, John Kennedy was murdered. He feared the hidden government behind his back, publicly stating he wanted "to splinter the CIA in a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds."(5) The day our President was murdered, the streets of Dallas were filled with posters and handbills proclaiming him a traitor. This was the same motivation for illegal assassinations and killings in pre-Nazi, and Nazi Germany. (6)

    The Warfare State was set free, following November 22, 1963, to show its ugly face. The war in Asia began to escalate, with no noticeable provocations, only three weeks after the murder of President Kennedy. (7) John Foster Dulles was U.S. Secretary of State from 1953-1959. Before and following these years heading the State Department, this public servant wielded tremendous power and influence with the military and industrial monopolies of power and wealth in the world. He was the architect of "containing Communism."(8) Mr. Dulles confided, "President Eisenhower surrendered all his power to me." In 1956 he said, "Don't bother about what the President said. I write what he says.'(9) The State Department was "in my hat." You did not have to rely on the department or its bureaucracy. (10)

    His brother, Allen Dulles, headed our spy agency formerly known as the OSS. As long as John Foster Dulles was Secretary of State, Allen Dulles had no need to "chafe under political control." Both brothers "placed supreme confidence in their personal judgments." They were completely trusted and were able to act at will and " shielded from any unpleasant consequences." (11) Adolph Hitler declared war in 1941. By 1942 Allen Dulles was moved to Switzerland for the purpose of rounding up and importing to the United States, German "specialists." Two years before the war ended, or its fate was decided, the United States was making arrangements for Nazi scientists, arms experts to come to our democracy (for which the boys were fighting and dying at that moment). (12)

    From 1945 until 1952 the U.S. military brought over 642 alien "specialists" and their families from nazi Germany. They were known collectively by the code name "paperclip." German missile and rocket experts, munition makers, war experts were carefully selected and located into aerospace programs, war industries, armament factories, defense and warfare manufacturing.(13)

    Violent anti-communist fears by the military and munition makers justified the exchange for a once democratic nation into the fascist state we have today. Members of the nazi party now hold key positions in our universities, factories, aircraft and aerospace programs.(14) When the nazi empire collapsed in 1945, ex-nazi General Reinhard Gehlen joined forces with our OSS. Gehlen was placed in charge of wartime intelligence for Foreign Armies East. "It was not long before Gehlen was back in business, this time for the United States. Gehlen named his price and terms."'(15) A series of meetings was arranged at the Pentagon with nazi Gehlen, Allen Dulles, J. Edgar Hoover and others.(16) The Gehlen organization combined forces and agents with the OSS, which was soon to become known as the CIA. Experts in clandestine and illegal control of Germany through political assassinations and reversal of judicial processes became the new teachers for Allen Dulles and Richard Helms. They helped form the new CIA in 1947, based upon clandestine activities in nazi Germany.(17)

    Espionage networks were supposedly to spy out secrets of other nations. Instead they have secretly engaged in clandestine political actions, stirred revolts, overthrown governments and attempted to bring about political change.

    The method of maintaining billion dollar war machines and related armament and aircraft factories requires controlling people, political leaders, and otherwise legal governmental agencies. The Communist scare, hot war and cold war propaganda, would continue to manipulate the majority of the people. This scare was the brainchild of the fascist strategist

    Enter Richard Milhous Nixon.

    He applied to serve in the FBI following graduation from law school. No answer followed. When World War 2 was declared, Nixon requested sea duty and was assigned to the South Pacific Combat Air Transport Command.(18) Nixon's 15 months in the South Pacific ended when he was transferred to Fleet Air Wing 8 at Alameda, Califomia, and from there he was assigned on special orders to the Navy Bureau of Aeronautics. The Navy assigned him to "winding up" active contracts with such aircraft firms as Bell and Glenn Martin.(19) That year was 1945, when importation proceedings began for the 642 nazi rocket and aerospace experts and scientists from Germany to the U.S. Through the "generosity of the Guggenheim Foundation they obtained a suitable site - a huge medieval castle, built by financier Jay Gould on a 160-acre estate at Sands Point, Long Island. Here the Germans began work on a secret project for the Navy's Office of Research and Inventions.(21)

    April, May, June and July, 1945, worldwide attention fell upon German atrocities. From Belsen, Nordhusen, Buchenwald, and Dachau came stories of slaughter and grotesque medical research conducted in the name of science. Public opinion polls gave no evidence of generous feelings toward any group in the German population. But opinions do not automatically create Policy . (22)

    By 1945 the armed services accepted the nazis' skills and mentality as indispensable to our military power. Young advisors could not fully appreciate the concern about clandestine maneuvers after World War I, and were not alarmed by the devastation and destruction of the Third Reich. They looked upon the German scientists with excitement and anticipation.(23) The Department of Navy was the first to act upon the importation process.(27)

    States to benefit economically from the influx of munition makers, rocket and space industries, warfare hardware were based in the South and Southwest. Segregated, racist states were natural habitats for imported Germans. Cold war propaganda, perpetuated by hatred of the Soviet Union and much of Asia, was financed and fostered for the most part in Florida, Louisiana, Georgia, Ohio, Texas, Alabama, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico and Califomia.

    The same mentality that allowed genocidal, inhuman slaughters on the continent of Europe built machinery to extend pain and warfare in Southeast Asia.

    Richard Nixon was in New York, serving in the Navy, the summer that importation plans started going into effect. He soon moved to Maryland where a very important telegram was to arrive. "He wanted to get out of the service, but there was the great question, 'What now?' While he pondered his alternatives, events and circumstances were deciding the question for him. A telegram was the instrument of fate. (28)

    In August, 1945, a Committee of One Hundred Men located in California placed an advertisement in 26 newspapers:

    WANTED-Congressman candidate with no previous political experience to defeat a man who has represented the district in the House for ten years. Any young man, resident of district, preferably a veteran, fair education, no political strings or obligations and possessor of a few ideas for betterment of country at large may apply for the job. Applicants will be reviewed by 100 interested citizens who will guarantee support but will not obligate the candidate in any way. (26)

    That ad was typical, a covert method of pretending this was an open contest for office. Richard Nixon, located in Maryland, still in the Navy, received a telephone call from Herman Perry. "Are you a republican and are you available?" were the two questions asked of Nixon. (27)

    Herman Perry was vice president of Bank of America (28) which was soon on its way to becoming the largest private bank in the world. By 1960, one hundred top corporations were spending $21-billion for military goods. In California alone, fully half of all jobs related directly or indirectly on the continuance of the arms race.(29)

    Richard Nixon, poor, from an unknown family, absent from the California scene for many formative years during law school and military service, was selected to represent old guard California republicans who picked him to run for Congress.(30) He was called upon to serve the strategists.

    Nixon was "recognized."

    Significant to the political escalation of Richard Nixon from congressman to vice president was the Alger Hiss case. The Hiss case was to Nixon what the Reichstag fire was to Hitler. Both were dramatic lies planned and executed by the clandestine strategists.

    Parallels to German strategy -- assassinations, destruction of evidence, distortion of evidence to discredit legitimate public servants -- existed precisely in America. (31) In 1934, Alger Hiss was legal counsel for the Senate Nye Committee. This group was set up for the purpose of investigating illegal rearmament practices.(32) During those years Hiss was antagonizing American industrial and banking giants. Germany was illegally rearming. It became necessary to discredit any persons such as Hiss who were interested in peace, working for legitimate peaceful alternatives.

    Whittaker Chambers made a point of becoming acquainted with Alger Hiss in 1934. At that time, some considered Chambers to be a German spy.(33) Using techniques of imported masters of espionage, plans were being made at that time to discredit Alger Hiss. By waiting several years, Hiss could be strategically occupied in various Government services. John Foster Dulles was instrumental in placing Hiss as head of the Carnegie Foundation, a group associated with peace and the United Nations.

    Attacks on Hiss started in 1941, attempting to associate him with Communists, exploded into a time bomb in 1948. The total effect in delaying the smear was to discredit an era. Richard Nixon became recipient of the efforts. The reputation of Roosevelt, the New Deal, Dumbarton Oaks Conference, United Nations and Truman's administration all became tinted "red." Joe McCarthy entered this milieu and expressed fears that had been fomented in lies.

    Richard Nixon had always served his masters by employing fear and hysteria. His original campaigns against Jerry Voomis and Helen Douglas were unfounded red smears. That is the only way he operates.

    One of the clues to covert smears is the common mishandling of evidence. For 8 1/2 years I have studied carefully the evidence associated with the murder of John Kennedy. Bullets, clothing, weapons, X-rays, photographs, car interior, autopsy reports, cameras, street sign, curb, lamppost, clothing of John Connally, diaries, FBI documents, CIA reports and State Department papers were either burned, airborned to Michigan and destroyed, altered, planted, missing or locked up.(37) Evidence to prove covert murder of Robert Kennedy is "locked up for seventy five years." (38)

    What happened to the lone piece of evidence in the Alger Hiss case that was important to his conviction, the famous Woodstock typewriter? Because Richard Nixon said his "name, reputation and career" were linked to this case, he will tell you about the typewriter himself.

    A massive search was initiated for the key 'witness' in the case, the old Woodstock typewriter on which Chambers said Mrs. Hiss had typed the incriminating documents. On December 13, FBI agents found the typewriter. The same day I appeared before the Grand Jury with the microfilm. (Richard Nixon, My Six Crises, Doubleday & Company, Inc., Garden City, NY, 1962, $5.95, p. 59)

    For $5 less, and six years later, you can buy the same story, by the same author, without the typewriter:

    A massive search was initiated for the key 'witness' in the case, the old Woodstock typewriter on which Chambers said Mrs. Hiss had typed the incriminating documents. On December 13, FBI agents were unable to find the typewriter, but they did find some old letters which Priscilla Hiss admitted having typed on the Woodstock. (Richard Nixon, My Six Crises, Pyramid Books, 95e, p. 64)

    At this point, Nixon added a fooulote blaming the "press, who were busy in those tense days were several rumors behind closed doors of the Grand Jury. One reporter said the typewriter was found, but actually it was not found until several months later."

    Even with the above explanation, Nixon still does not inform the reader that the Woodstock typewriter was found not by the 35 FBI agents several months later who were turning Washington upside-down searching for it. The typewriter was actually found by Donald Hiss and his own investigators, and presented by Alger Hiss at the first trial as an exhibit for the defense.

    The chief prosecutor of the Alger Hiss case, Richard Nixon, trying to pin a conspiracy or Communist label on Hiss, could not write his own book correctly about the key evidence used against him. This kind of smear and investigation was going to be used as the excuse for elevating Nixon into the role of vice president of the United States. Allen Dulles and John Foster Dulles would control all State Department policies and espionage activities for the president.

    There was another observation regarding the famous Woodstock typewriter. Robert Kennedy, as Attorney General of the United States in 1962, was making a "recent check and finds the FBI never had the Woodstock typewriter. Writing to Meyer Zeligs about this manner, Claude Cross mentioned, "In my mind there is a mystery connected with this typewriter and its whereabouts from the period just prior to the trial.(39) Why was Robert Kennedy searching for this important evidence, the link in the Nixon saga? Were the Kennedys getting ready to investigate Richard Nixon's pieces of planted evidence used for purposes of slander and redbaiting?

    Three of Alger Hiss' friends who could have changed the tide of history -- Harry Dexter White, Walter Marvin Smith and Lawrence Guggan -- were found dead shortly after having contact with our FBI.(37) When the covert government creates its plot, in Germany or the United States, nobody stands in their way.

    Isaac Don Levine is the man who took Whittaker Chambers "by the arm," a reluctant Chambers, and arranged the meetings where he would begin to smear Alger Hiss.(38) It was no coincidence that the same Isaac Don Levine would be meeting with Marina Oswald, widow of Lee Harvey Oswald, immediately following the murder of President Kennedy. They were in a huddle to exchange money for squeezing a "communist" story out of a CIA plot. (39) Levine served Richard Nixon's career faithfully and many times through the years.

    This fellow Levine is in contact with Marina to break the story up a little more graphic manner and tie it into a Russian business, and it is with the thought and background of a Russian connection, conspiracy concept. (John J. McCloy, Minutes of Warren Commission, Meeting, Jan. 21, 1964

    Alger Hiss said that Richard Nixon was engaged in something "beyond his scope and size."(40) Richard Nixon, like Adolph Hitler, is a patchwork quilt. Both men represent the sum total of all murders, secret plans, behind-the-scene covert imaginations that created their existence. They were hand-sewn and designed by identical masters. It was a community project between persons from Nazi Germany and the United States military and intelligence agencies.

    They are in power today, continuing mass murders, political assassinations. Industrial giants scrape the bottom of the ocean, the surface of the moon, the face of the earth for the oil, gold, minerals, resources within their grasp. It is the moral obligation of human beings to halt this hunger for power and legalized greed toward the majority of persons on the planet earth.

    High summit meetings, a false sense of euphoria preceding elections, does not conceal increased budgets for weaponry, new laws of repression or further concentration of power in the White House. The family of humanity is not represented by the strategists who are few in number, still holding on to their power. Secret organizations such as the Lincoln Club, formed in 1963, continue to finance and dictate to Richard Nixon.(41) This group should be carefully examined.

    Nixon's kind of power over other people 's lives is elusive, and vanishes rapidly at the proper moment. The human family has new weapons in the war against secrecy. Information is power. Speed of communications is power. Ability is power. Sheer numbers of intelligent and concerned citizens becomes power. Facts are power.

    Available facts and documentation of past political assassinations must be exposed today, before the next election in 1972. The coup d'etat in 1963, and again in 1968, did not represent the power or the interests of the majority. It is time to call a halt against the cold war, the hot war, and the war against ourselves. By examining the evidence of political assassinations, it is possible to understand how the country was misled down the line by a select, elite minority.

    The strategists, aided by clandestine and covert planning, do not represent the people or the interests of the people in the United States.


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    “The most difficult subjects can be explained to the most slow-witted man if he has not formed any idea of them already; but the simplest thing cannot be made clear to the most intelligent man if he is firmly persuaded that he knows already, without a shadow of doubt, what is laid before him.”
    ― Leo Tolstoy,

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