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    In the larger US/NATO war on Russia, it appears the so-called Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO) is about to resume in full force. Although the various Ukrainian units, I hesitate to call them an army, never stopped attacking mostly via the use of artillery attacks on civilian targets, they have mostly been re-supplying, re-organizing, digging in and training while negotiations where being conducted.

    All negotiations have come to an end with not signs of any serious resumption in the offing. While the Ukrainian President Poroshenko was in Paris showing solidarity with the victims of terror, his units massively increased their shelling of Donesk and Gorlovka along with probing attacks by attacks by recon units. Today in what appears to be some kind of failed false flag, a Pravy Sector unit attacked and destroyed a bus carrying what they said were terrorists with anti-personnel mines. When it was revealed that the bus was filled with civilians, they tried to lay the blame on separatist units. That story was quickly refuted.

    The Saker has been getting reports of long tank columns approaching the front lines. A fourth mobilization in Ukraine is about to take place targeting about 200,000 people. Official Russian communications state they have reliable information that the Ukrainian decision is for war.

    The outcome? Russia would like for the separatist republics to survive with nothing more than the covert aid that it supplies. The Ukrainian forces would obviously like to annihilate the resistance and kill or drive out the Russian speaking population. US/NATO can be satisfied if Russia is drawn into the conflict to prevent the Donbass from being overrun. The propaganda opportunities will be endless.

    Finally, I read a report (rumor?) that CNN has units in Eastern Ukraine.
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