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Thank you both. As for Groden, I have Livingstone's first hand published opinion, which suggests that I should avoid Groden. But I know that he made a business of selling JFK materials in Dallas, and that he has a copy of the Z film.
I'll vouch for Groden, and know he has an original copy [as original as any of us non-spook mortals get]. Robert is a good man, and don't buy no bull about anything negative of his selling 'JFK materials' in the Plaza - done to spread the truth while making ends meet. His nemesis long was the 6th Floor museum [and the shadowy figures behind it]...what could better be said on his behalf?!
I meant his legal struggles with the city.
Somewhere there is a thread here on Groden's legal problems with the City...most all instigated by complaints stemming from the 6th floor mausoleum. Livingston was a madman quite literally, even if he knew a lot about JFK's assassination. I'd take anything he said about Groden with a truckload of salt. Yes, Groden's copy would be post NPIC. Only those [perhaps] that have seen the 'other version' of the Z-film saw a pre-NPIC version...and there is a thread on that, but I'm not aware of anyone willing to publicly admit they have a copy; only some who have claimed to have been shown a copy. I've both publicly and privately discussed with several persons who have seen this 'other version' of the Z-film and NONE were willing to say who showed them the film. As they have independently reported seeing the same things and the same differences with the extant Z-film, I tend to believe they did see a pre-NPIC version, but I don't think you'll find ANYONE who would dare admit to having a copy on a forum; most if they had a copy wouldn't even admit to it in an email. If you don't know someone very well who might have such a copy, it will be very difficult to impossible, sorry to say. Some things are still considered somewhat 'touchy' to 'not wise' in this field, sadly. I know from personal experience with a photo - not related to the Z-film.