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Thread: Why the second floor lunch room encounter could not have happened

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    Isn't this thread supposed to be about the alleged lunch room encounter between Baker, Truly, and Oswald?

    Why is someone allowed to hijack the thread to work off his own frustrations about the Prayer Man issue?

    And why does this person have to drag me into it, just like he did over at that SBT Oswald endorsing fruit, Duncan McRae's?

    My last comment was about why I think Frazier was suborned about the rifle story--that was it.

    But this person is so jaundiced and poisoned against everyone who disagrees with him, that he needs to strike out at even tangential comments when they do not go his way.

    I hope he doesn't find out where i live. Maybe I should alert the FBI?

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    There is no evidence she moved West. Nor is there any photographic evidence the person is female.

    The evidence she moved west is in Frazier's statement that she was standing next to him when Calvery ran up.

    There is plenty of photographic evidence that Prayer Man is a woman. The best resolution Darnell images show woman's long hair, a purse, and wide hips on Prayer Man. This will be confirmed as soon as any expert photo analyst gets hold of the Wiegman and Darnell originals. It could even be confirmed from the copies we do have.

    Because the JFK research community has been hijacked by the Murphy mob they are allowed to say things like what Mr Kamp says here while ignoring that the Davidson enhancement shows the face of a woman. That same hijacking allows Kamp to lie and say the woman's face is an illusion. Davidson's metadata proved the face was part of the original Wiegman image. When Davidson posted his metadata Bart Kamp was dead silent. Even some ROKC members admitted the face was that of a woman but they then lied and said it was an illusion. The Davidson metadata they are ignoring proves that it isn't. You are looking at the face of Sarah Stanton that I'm sure a surviving family member could confirm. Skilled observers will see the face has chubby cheeks like a "heavy-set" woman would have. A photo expert will also confirm the face is a real and existing image in the Wiegman frame. It is silly for Kamp to deny it. When asked directly Davidson said he believed the face was that of a woman. It is simply a lie to say there is no photographic evidence of Prayer Man being a woman.

    There is no girth, pure make believe as the image(s) are just too crappy, add on the shirt Oswald was wearing, that was by no means a slim fit.

    Those with more honesty and better skill see that Prayer Man's hips are wide like a woman's. This width is not explainable by Oswald's shirt because the extra width goes past the level that any shirt outside the belt would reach. Plus there are too many buttons and they are too far down to be on any of Oswald's known shirts. I've been ridiculed about the buttons by some very unskilled JFK internet posters. Those buttons will be confirmed by any credible photo analyst and will prove my detractors to be the incompetents they are. The wide hips are in line with Frazier describing Sarah Stanton as being "heavy-set". Oswald would not have worn his shirt out like a slob in front of the president.

    And any female with forearms like that belongs in a wrestling team, ok I stole that bit from Jim D., but he had a valid point. And it still stands. The Davidson Gif shows nothing and nor is there any supporting evidence for this, only in Doyle's mind, which we have seen here how it works. Good riddance indeed.

    Those thick forearms are right in line with a person whom Frazier described as "heavy-set". As well as the hips. Kamp is obviously struggling with it.

    The Davidson evidence is conclusive proof that Prayer Man is a woman and is almost certainly Sarah Stanton. If we could find a surviving relative of Stanton I'd bet there's enough clarity in Davidson to recognize her. When Davidson provided his metadata Bart Kamp went dead silent. The best he could do against Davidson's proof is lie and say it was a coincidental illusion. But the unanswered metadata proves otherwise and proves the woman's face is part of the original Wiegman image. I am stunned that the community lets Kamp get away with what is basically kiddie lies and outright denial of what is obviously a woman's face looking back at you from Davidson. It's silly and only goes to show the stubborn desperation of the Prayer Man advocates. Kamp is lying. The Davidson enhancement shows the clear face of a woman and it will, without a doubt, prove to be Sarah Stanton. Kamp can't admit this because it destroys his ROKC group who invested their entire organization in the claim and even wrote a book about it. Kamp knows it shows the face of a woman. He and the JFK community are doing dishonest damage control to save face. They're liars.

    If we could get Stanton's height from official records I assure you photogrammetry would prove that Prayer Man is exactly Stanton's height. We've pretty much already proven that anyway. Kamp is just lying and ignoring it.

    Had Stanton moved East then it would have been pointed out by Frazier after Alberto Rossi showed Frazier the PM pic to him, he would have said that it was her and it would have killed it all off, but he did not. In all those years he never said so, and he will not do so. Take note Doyle!

    Kamp knows that Frazier has not been shown the full post-Davidson evidence or been briefed on its context. It only goes to show what a miserable dishonest liar Kamp is that he dares offer such a weak interpretation of the issue. He is obviously consciously avoiding what he is aware disproves him and therefore trying to deliberately deceive the public. If Kamp were more honest he would admit that Frazier needs to be shown the Davidson enhancement to see if he recognizes Sarah Stanton. He then needs to be shown his 2013 quote about talking to Stanton when Calvery ran up and be shown the Dunkel clip where Calvery is running up. We know it is Calvery because of Molina's timing. After being briefed on all this latest new evidence he then has to be asked if he thinks Prayer Man is indeed Sarah Stanton who he said he was talking to when Calvery ran up.

    Kamp is avoiding acknowledging that the best evidence of where Stanton was is that evidence which tells you where she was at the moment of the Darnell frame. Kamp is deliberately dishonest because he only offers the statement from Pauline Sanders that does not give any such information. Kamp insults his readers by ignoring that Frazier's 2013 interview precisely details that he was talking to "Sarah" exactly when Calvery was running up. This is clearly the superior reference as far as determining Stanton's location. Kamp deliberately avoids it because he obviously realizes it refutes him. Kamp is trying to deceive his readers. From this we can determine that Sanders' statement is not of any value and that Frazier's 2013 interview is. Kamp is clearly making an effort to ignore that Frazier places Stanton in the west side of the portal in that statement.

    And this is where it becomes interesting. Prayer Man as Oswald is more alive than ever. This is something that confuses and hurts people like Miller, Doyle and so on. The blatant refusal to even entertain the my.

    Any intelligent person could see that this kind of childish psychological reversal is the sign of a weak mind that is aware of its error. Prayer Man has never been deader and we owe thanks to Davidson for that, as well as myself and McRae (with McRae deciding to forfeit his credibility with nutty behavior).

    It is a bad sign for the community and its willingness to believe Murphy at any expense that it allows what is an obvious clown to get away with the obnoxiousness above against some very good science-based research.

    Furthermore Stanton states people that stood close to her. Shelley, Williams, Sanders and Lovelady. That is the second indicator she stood East on the top level. Something the clown from Sanibel seems to forget.

    Kamp is deliberately ignoring that Frazier's 2013 interview specifically places Stanton next to him at the moment the Darnell frame is taken. Larry Trotter added a quote from Stanton herself saying she could not see the limousine. The east side of the portal offers a perspective that allows the limousine to been seen down Elm Street. The west side does not. Clearly these two statements offer the best evidence to determine where Stanton was standing because they involve reinforcing confirming evidence to prove it. There's no doubt the best evidence to determine where Stanton was is that evidence which shows where she was in Darnell. Since Frazier himself puts himself next to Stanton talking to her in Darnell, and Darnell shows Frazier facing Prayer Man at that moment and looking like he could be talking to her, that is conclusive evidence that Prayer Man is Sarah Stanton. You can tell Kamp is aware of this by the way he desperately avoids it. Kamp also avoids the fact that Stanton could have been referencing when the limousine passed by the steps in her previous references and then spoke of 25 seconds after the shots in her other statement. In any case the only relevant statement is Frazier's because it no doubt refers to the exact time of the Darnell frame, which is the image in question that contains Prayer Man. You can see Kamp avoiding admitting this at all costs. Kamp refuses to admit Darnell clearly shows Frazier talking to Prayer Man. Kamp refuses to admit Frazier very specifically said he was talking to "Sarah" exactly at that moment. It is silly to the point of unhealthy deceit to deny this obvious conclusive evidence.

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    Oh, Jim !!! Albert has lost all his respect for you. What shall you ever do? How can you recover?

    2nd floor encounter? It was a dude taking pictures with a camera!! Nobody stays on topic here, so why does it matter? Totally convoluted.

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    They are not at all misplaced words.

    I posted at that PM thread simply to indicate the problems with Frazier's testimony about the gun sack, which probably originate from his arrest, detention, and lie detector test.

    That was it. And I invite anyone here to go look at what I wrote there. I did not comment at all on the PM issue. If someone can show I did in that post, please extract the evidence.

    As per the issue that Doyle has gone over the edge about, I wrote a long time ago that I was not going to participate in it anymore since it had become politicized and polarized due to the efforts of Duncan McRae. I will not go through all of that anymore, since anyone can find out about it if they wish.

    So as far as I am concerned, the issue is muddled until someone extracts a better copy of the films. Which people at ROKC are trying to do. I know that for a fact. Are Mr. Doyle and Duncan trying to do this? Please show us how?

    My question remains: Why is Doyle allowed to hijack this thread for his own purposes to argue his PM ideas when this thread is not about PM? Its about the second floor lunch encounter.
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    My question remains: Why is Doyle allowed to hijack this three for his own purposes to argue his PM ideas when this thread is not about PM? Its about the second floor lunch encounter.
    Good point. No more direct or indirect references to the subject matter in that Bear Pit thread.
    There is nothing worse than looking back and regretting not having done what was important to you. Don't die before you're dead. -- Mae Brussel

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark A. O'Blazney View Post
    Oh, Jim !!! Albert has lost all his respect for you. What shall you ever do? How can you recover?

    I've been moving those posts to the PM thread.
    There is nothing worse than looking back and regretting not having done what was important to you. Don't die before you're dead. -- Mae Brussel

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    Where we were in the lunchroom encounter is Bill Miller did a pretty good job of showing that Baker and Truly did run in to the Depository immediately as seen in the films. Joe Molina was the key witness who placed Truly entering 20-30 seconds after the shots. Miller did a good job of showing Piper and West then saw Truly and Baker run-in in a continuation of Molina's witnessing. Ochus Campbell made a clear description of seeing Baker and Truly run in to the Depository. Some say that Campbell never specifically said "Baker" but said "officer" instead. This is the kind of disingenuous assertion that is being honored by the less than honest posters. To sensible people it was obviously Baker because Baker was the only officer it could possibly be. A denial of reality is being entertained and enforced because the films show Baker was the only officer in range for that 20-30 second witnessing.

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    Thanks Lauren.

    Mark, thanks for the humor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark A. O'Blazney View Post
    Oh, Jim !!! Albert has lost all his respect for you. What shall you ever do? How can you recover?

    2nd floor encounter? It was a dude taking pictures with a camera!! Nobody stays on topic here, so why does it matter? Totally convoluted.
    WHEN was WHAT dude taking pictures ​WHERE with ​WHICH camera?


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