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Thread: HOAX: Stanley Kubrick Admits He Faked the Moon Landings

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    Doesn't even look like Kubrick. Voice isn't right either. Kubrick talked in more of a flat monotone most of the time. Another thing: if you're going to film an interview with the real Stanley Kubrick, why hide him in so much shadow?

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    Hey Drew, Mind pointing out just where are the tip offs. Or is that what you meant by "timings?"
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    My first response to this thread has the times in the first posted video where the interviewer is instructing the actor how to respond. It just gets more obvious (or less well edited) as time goes by.

    My favorite is at 19:14:


    "Interviewer": Was it just a one off? Did you do them all?
    "Kubrick": [silence]
    "Interviewer": You just did 11 and 13. They brought you back after 12 failed. OK?
    "Interviewer": Was it just a one off? Did you do them all?
    "Kubrick": I did 11 and 13"
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    A more elaborate than usual hoax, but a hoax. The second Vimeo clip mentions 'I wrote to Kubrick' at the outset while showing a screenshot of the "I'll stick a bone up your ass" gag Kubrick letter that circulated a year or two ago. The long footage of 'Kubrick' in the interview comes close but doesn't approximate the voice familiar from several long Kubrick interview videos available online. You can also hear Kubrick's voice very clearly in FULL METAL JACKET as the radio announcer who tells the doomed squad near the end of the film that they have "no luck with the tanks", and it's a different one. Kubrick, deep in audio post-production on EYES WIDE SHUT a few days before he died, was described in numerous volumes and interviews - including the giant, interview-heavy STANLEY KUBRICK ARCHIVES Taschen hardcover I paid a few hundred bucks for several years ago - as a focused and optimistic person, not the forlorn drinker depicted in the video under discussion. As for the interviewer enthusing how he was obtaining a once in a lifetime interview with the man, Kubrick did detailed, wide-ranging media interviews for every one of his released movies from the late 60's onwards, including a long ROLLING STONE piece in the late 80's, and was preparing to do another one talking about EYES WIDE SHUT with Michael Herr for VANITY FAIR magazine around the time that he passed away. (A Warner Brothers rep on a late 90's home video forum mentioned to some of the members, before Kubrick died, that he'd convinced Kubrick to record LaserDisc audio commentaries for three of his earlier movies - A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, THE SHINING and FULL METAL JACKET. Kubrick died not long afterwards and the films were eventually brought to DVD in substandard editions, long since superseded).

    I'm reminded that the first 'Moon Landing Hoax' push came with CAPRICORN ONE, a film released in 1977 smack in the middle of HSCA activities and giving the public a nice debunkable 'conspiracy theorist' meme to bring up in conversations about political conspiracies thereafter.

    in 2002/2003, the BBC (and ABC in Australia, and surely other networks elsewhere) screened an English-language, French-financed mockumentary putting out the idea that Kubrick was involved in hoaxing the moon landing, before admitting that the whole film was itself a hoax in the final scenes.

    As the Wikipedia entry notes (and which I observed for myself watching the documentary when it screened locally several years ago) -

    "It features some surprising guest appearances, most notably by Donald Rumsfeld, Dr. Henry Kissinger, Alexander Haig, Vernon Walters.."
    Now, remind me again, why would such deep state NeoCons like Rumsfeld, Kissinger, Haig and Walters be keen to resurrect the image of conspiracies as being easily debunkable nonsense around the 2002/2003 period? I shouldn't have to remind anyone here about the answer to that one.

    There was another viral video a couple of years ago (again from France, land of the convenient 'Dark Side' video I discussed just above) discussing in great detail how EYES WIDE SHUT was an elegy to Kubrick mourning the tragic loss of his daughter Vivian Kubrick to Scientology brainwashing, and how the movie was really an angry polemic against the MK-Ultra techniques that had destroyed her brain and removed her from public life.

    Is Eyes Wide Shut a reqiuem for Stanley Kubrick's estranged Scientologist daughter?
    The film analysis in the above article is linked here.

    The video received a good deal of attention on the film sites I frequent, and was recommended by reviewers such as Glenn Erickson (from the DVD Savant website). Poor old Vivian, what a shame that brainwashing had turned her into a misguided, deluded nut.

    A short while afterwards, Vivian Kubrick was located by chance on camera, and did a long interview. Where was she found? At the 50th anniversary JFK protests in Dallas, protesting against the overly harsh police state measures that had been brought down that week on folk who were there demanding a proper look at the events that had occured in 1963. Alex Jones caught her on camera near his own protest, and uploaded the long video four days later on November 26th. She seems remarkably cheerful, healthy, sane, good-humoured, well-composed, and aware of the political realities of the moment. The interview with her is well worth watching. Truth be told, she seems to be one of the least brainwashed people on the planet.

    So who was it that benefited from depicting her as a brainwashed nut again? I'm very suspicious of these recurrent, increasingly elaborate 'Kubrick moon landing' memes, but I'm sure they're helping someone.
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    You can clearly hear him instructing "Tom" how to deliver his lines. This is about as real as the Blair Witch Project.

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    Note that I changed the title adding the word HOAX referring to this video only. I don't have opinion on Jack White's work, which I always found intriguing but couldn't buy into.

    Thanks to all to clearing this up. For some reason, I found this to be really distressing. I spent many hours glued to the TV rooting for the astronauts.
    "We'll know our disinformation campaign is complete when everything the American public believes is false." --William J. Casey, D.C.I

    "We will lead every revolution against us." --Theodore Herzl

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    Somewhat relatedly, Jay Dyer has just posted this Levenda-esque reading of The Shining:

    Not sure what to make of this as I haven't watched the movie in years.
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    You would think the Hubble Telescope could be turned towards the Moon and get some images of the LEM base left behind, the Moon rover, and footprints.

    I think moon rock is unique and has crystals and minerals unique to Moon geology.

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    There are already plenty of moon rocks on earth. No need to go to the moon. There are telescopes, not sure about Hubble, which can see what’s on the moon. It's not that far astronomically speaking. Things are up there. Not sure about the foot prints.
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    I believe Kubrik's wife is still alive and could go a long way to resolving this.
    Given many of the anomalies Jack White and others pointed out, I think that at least some [one or two?] of the manned missions might have been faked - but that others likely were NOT.
    The silence of the Soviets/Russians and other major powers on this [who could track if a craft landed and returned or not and also monitor if voice and telemetry signals were present] is disturbing.
    Yes, there are Moon rocks naturally on the earth, but there are also what I believe to be actual Moon rock samples returned from the moon by NASA craft. They do have slightly different isotopic signatures and slightly different ratios of some rare elements.
    Everyone obviously sees what they want in this Moon Rorschach test. What is needed is a definitive study by unbiased researchers and scientists.
    Several of the astronauts that 'went to the Moon' developed severe mental problems and depression. While it could be for other reasons, it might be related to this potential fraud.
    I don't think even Hubble has the resolving power to see a lander on the Moon, let alone footprints.
    I'm not convinced by what others have pointed out as 'coaching' of responses. Kubrick is filmed poorly in the dark, and the sound is poor...but it does look to me like him in a haggard state. Voice analysis programs and facial recognition programs could do better than our guesses. Lastly, I'd like to see the 88 page non-disclosure statement and hear from the lawyer[s] and others who must have been aware of this....especially Kubrick's wife - and children or relatives. If he would go to the trouble of having some up and coming young filmmaker sign a huge NDS and wait 15 years after his death, I'd think he [Kubrick] would have also left some real proofs [photos or videos of the set and production showing set, lights, crews, cameras, wires, etc.] with someone, somewhere. Absent those coming to the fore, I'd be a bit skeptical, but lets see what shakes out now that it has hit the fan.
    Filming such a hoax takes a large crew, model builders, a set; i.e. there would be MANY other witnesses out there. Did they also have to sign NDS? It would be nice if several came forward with proofs. Without that, it will always remain in the gray area where no resolution can be reached and everyone will see what they want to see; believe what they want to believe.
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