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Thread: CAPA, successor to COPA

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    I also have evidence of James Angleton who was head of "counter-intelligence" believed there to be a mole within the CIA who worked his way into the target association and did steal photographs
    Well, how could you prove this Scott? Not just through documents, testimonies and evidence that Edwin Benjamin Kaiser Jr. did in-fact also represent himself as CIA. Even Richard Poyle said he didn't want to associate with Kaiser on ANY future activities. What does that mean?

    What do I mean Ed Kaiser represented himself as CIA, well... It's no secret he forged a passport or it was given to him by the CIA to go to Israel during the HSCA investigations. It's no secret Kaiser forged CIA, FBI and U.S. Customs credentials and roamed around the facilitates, it's no secret that Kaiser stole from the government including U.S Customs. It's not a secret anymore that Kaiser did have the only known photographs of the men in Dallas TX. on the day Kennedy was assassinated. Can anyone prove me wrong on any of the above? If not, then what the hell is the problem?
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    Yes, I have respect for St. John, do I believe his father's deathbed confession? Not all of it, but there is some truth there. I believe what isn't true has been said to cover up Hunt's role, what was his role? He said a "bench-warmer." We know he was involved, it doesn't take a genius to figure it out, however, just what was his role? What does a bench-warmer do exactly? We knew Kennedy's assassination was called the "Big Event," and now, we know Watergate was called the "Big Project" first exposed by Scott Kaiser, is any of this starting to come together? The stealing of the photographs were just the icing on the cake, and I don't care how intellectual one can get with his or her words, or how someone wants to present some crap about this, that and the other, facts are facts, and you can only ignore them for so long.
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    Did you also know that not only was there the "Big Event" and the "Big Project," but, there was also the "Big Boss"! Ooooo, now, the smart folks are getting it!
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    There's only one group that was successful in the Guatemalan coup, Chilean break-ins, the failed Bay of Pigs, Watergate and Kennedy's assassination, for some reason the "Big Boss" played a role in all of them.

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    Iran's coup of 1953, guilty. Guatemalan coup 1954, guilty. Congo 1960, guilty. Dominican Republic 1961, guilty. South Vietnam 1963, guilty. Kennedy's assassination 1963, guilty. Brazil 1964, guilty. Watergate 1972, guilty. Chile 1973, guilty.

    Need more proof?

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    You see, Hunt was able to set it all up, having Mitchell and Colson come to Miami believing this was a sanctioned operation by the White House. Sturgis wasn't a pawn at all, so for anyone to believe that you're naive. Although, that's what Frank said to Jim Hougan, truth is, Mitchell and Colson were the pawns. I'm going to blow Watergate so wide open that for the first time people will really understand what it was about.

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    I've learned to get the best results and correct answers one has got to ask a question, there is no stupid questions, if there's no stupid questions how could you receive a stupid answer? For example, Ed Kaiser was called to testify at the HSCA as was William Pawley, why then did Kaiser leave the country just to be found in another country, ah, but not any country, why didn't he hide out in France or some other place? Why Israel?

    Was there a conflict going on between JFK and Israel? Better question, when Kaiser was scheduled to testify in 1977, why didn't he? Forgot, he was killed how stupid of me.

    In 1973 Pawley said something to Kaiser that made Kaiser write down what he said, I'm sure Pawley would have never said what he said had he known the HSCA was underway, so, how do you explain Pawley's statement? "Spending my money on getting rid of Kennedy was my best investment."

    I know for a fact my father was not in any way shape or form involved with the assassination, but, I do know my father was an unknown vigilante [so to say] with a penchant for a good fight against this government, stealing as well as infiltrating several three letter agencies. Before anyone had heard of Kaiser unlike Hemming, Sturgis or Hunt, and many, many others including Cubans who all became house hold names, no one knew what Kaiser did. Well, I'm here to fill in the blanks. There may be one or two researchers who heard of my father, but knew nothing about him. Proves our family never sought out limelight, bragged or boasted unlike Hemming, Sturgis and Hunt. My father never did that, nor would he, so, I get to do it for him. Just filling in the pieces. My father did make acquaintances in the underworld, whether it was mafia, anti-Castro Cubans or just plainly government officials, many of these folks my father knew were all implicated in the conspiracy to assassinate Kennedy from folks like you!

    Welcome to my world.

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    Kaiser had just testified to Liebengood behind closed doors, the CIA knew it. Liebengood was part of a “secret group” with the intention of a renewed investigation into President John F. Kennedy's assassination. How many of you knew that? In-fact, that renewed group would later birth the HSCA. Could the CIA have moved Kaiser to Israel to set him up to retrieve the contents he possessed? Why then didn't Kaiser testify at the HSCA upon his arrival, was it because he was in jail, meaning Kaiser was confined instead of testifying before a committee? It sure wasn't long before he was set free to the time he was killed, was that to prevent him from testifying? Welcome to my world!

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