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Thread: "Oswald" Was a CIA Agent

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    They say George was never a "recruited agent", they also said the same thing about Frank Sturgis, James Files and my father. Through Posada I found out that Frank, Files and my father was "apart of the company".

    This is how you get formally discredited by the company when the company does not want to acknowledge you were apart of the company in some fashion. Asset, apart of, or otherwise. For some reason the company only referrs to discrediting someone as a "recruitment for empolyee," but, what they're not willing to tell you is the other ways of being recruited.
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  2. Default 47 cia volumes on oswald - wilcott memo for jhw - witten?

    Was it only 47 volumes at this time? MFF has over 70 volumes...

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    20 Facts Indicating the Oswald Project Was Run by the CIA

    1. CIA accountant James Wilcott said he made payments to an encrypted account for “Oswald or the Oswald Project.” The cryptonym for the "Oswald Project" was RX/ZIM.

    2. Antonio Veciana said he saw LHO meeting with CIA’s Maurice Bishop/David Atlee Phillips in Dallas in August 1963.

    3. A 1978 CIA memo indicates that a CIA operations officer “had run an agent into the USSR, that man having met a Russian girl and eventually marrying her,” a case very similar to Oswald’s and clearly indicating that the Agency ran a “false defector” program in the 1950s.

    4. Robert Webster and LHO "defected" a few months apart in 1959, both tried to "defect" on a Saturday, both possessed "sensitive" information of possible value to the Russians, both were befriended by Marina Prusakova, and both returned to the United States in the spring of 1962.

    5. Richard Sprague, Richard Schweiker, and CIA agents Donald Norton and Joseph Newbrough all said LHO was associated with the CIA.

    6. CIA employee Donald Deneslya said he read reports of a CIA "contact" who had worked at a radio factory in Minsk and returned to the US with a Russian wife and child.

    7. Kenneth Porter, employee of CIA-connected Collins Radio, left his family to marry (and probably monitor) Marina Oswald after LHO’s death.

    8. George Joannides, case officer and paymaster for DRE (which LHO had attempted to infiltrate) was put in charge of lying to the HSCA and never told them of his relationship to DRE.

    9. For his achievements, Joannides was given a medal by the CIA.

    10. FBI took Oswald off the watch list at the same time a CIA cable gave him a clean bill of political health, weeks after Oswald’s New Orleans arrest and less than two months before the assassination.

    11. Oswald’s lengthy “Lives of Russian Workers” essay reads like a pretty good intelligence report.

    12. Oswald’s possessions were searched for microdots.

    13. Oswald owned an expensive Minox spy camera, which the FBI tried to make disappear.

    14. Even the official cover story of the radar operator near American U-2 planes defecting to Russia, saying he would give away all his secrets, and returning home without penalty smells like a spy story.

    15. CIA Richard Case Nagell clearly knew about the plot to assassinate JFK and LHO’s relation to it, and he said that the CIA and the FBI ignored his warnings.

    16. LHO always seemed poor as a church mouse, until it was time to go “on assignment.” For his Russian adventure, we’re to believe he saved all the money he needed for first class European hotels and private tour guides in Moscow from the non-convertible USMC script he saved. In the summer of 1963, he once again seemed to have enough money to travel abroad to Communist nations.

    17. To this day, the CIA claims it never interacted with Oswald, that it didn’t even bother debriefing him after the “defection.” What utter bs….

    18. After he “defected” to the Soviet Union in 1959, bragging to U.S. embassy personnel in Moscow that he would tell the Russians everything he knew about U.S. military secrets, he returns to the U.S. without punishment and is then in 1963 given the OK to travel to Cuba and the Soviet Union again!

    19. Allen Dulles, the CIA director fired by JFK, and the Warren Commission clearly wanted the truth hidden from the public to protect sources and methods of intelligence agencies such as the CIA. Earl Warren said, “Full disclosure was not possible for reasons of national security.”

    20. CIA's Ann Egerter, who worked for J.J. Angleton's Counterintelligence Special Interest Group (CI/SIG), opened a "201" file on Oswald on December 9, 1960. Egerter testified to the HSCA: "We were charged with the investigation of Agency personnel....” When asked if the purpose was to "investigate Agency employees," she answered, "That is correct." When asked, "Would there be any other reason for opening up a file?" she answered, "No, I can't think of one."

    21. President Kennedy and the CIA clearly were at war with each other in the weeks immediately before his assassination, as evidenced by Arthur Krock's infamous defense of the Agency in the Oct. 3, 1963 New York Times. “Oswald” was the CIA’s pawn.

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  4. Default Lee HARVEY - Citizen of USSR

    Didn't you post this already on this thread?

    No matter... you'll like this (So will Steve Thomas - remember "citizen") p109

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    Once in a while you get shown the light
    in the strangest of places if you look at it right.....
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    Yeah, but the list on this page was updated from the previous one. Another point about the Oswald Project and the CIA is that James Wilcott obviously told the HSCA a whole lot more than he was allowed to say even in secret testimony, as the long-suppressed HSCA notes about him clearly attest. Why does no one talk about RX/ZIM?

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    Also, DJ....

    I almost forgot to thank for the big MC file. Nice to have all that material in one place. Now, if only it was a searchable .pdf.

    Reading through the first 10 pages or so, I was struck again that, with all that surveillance equipment, they just couldn't produce a photo or audio recording of anyone who looked or sounded remotely like Lee Harvey Oswald... any ole' LHO!

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