Published on Nov 20, 2016

Dear Reader,

Today I have something that I think you’ll find very interesting. I'm working on a new project in response to many reader requests. It's a subscription series of monthly high-quality audio seminars on politics, the GMO agenda, economics, geopolitics. In this audio seminar series I'll be able to go more in depth to share my insights why the world is working as it is.

I want to ask your input in preparing the launch of this audio seminar monthly series. Specifically, I’d like to ask you how much you would be willing to pay for an in-depth audio seminar series like this sample. I’m thinking of pricing the audio seminar series at $14.95 a month. Please give me your opinion, if you think it's a fair price, or over-priced, or under-priced.

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

F. William Engdahl