Two decades ago when I was researching mind control technology, my big fear was that future technology would be developed that would be able to surreptitiously enter a person’s mind and change/manipulate their thought. That happened a long time ago.

But even worse, my greater fear was that technology would one day be able to penetrate and manipulate people in their dream state - the consequences of which are incalculable.

That day has arrived.

Indeed, I think it likely that many of these abilities operating through these technologies have now been deployed.

Communicating at the speed of thought

Interrogation: probing the mind in the dream state when you have no defences (10:35)

They are trying to “insert” thoughts into the human mind (10:40)

Offensive Information Warfare - (13:28)

Hyper Game Theory - Walk People to their Death (14:08)

Magnetically activated nano-particles - controlling the soul (18:28)

Injecting smart dust to read the neutrons remotely, thus remotely reading brains (20:10)

Can read the words formed in your head as you read, for example, a book - they can decipher the worlds you are reading to yourself (21:40)