Two of the more important facts not mentioned above (as set forth in The Three Barons):

1. The General Analine and Film legal case was on JFK's and RFK's desks on 11-22-63. In the following week, LJB talked by phone to Don Cook. This was probably the same Don Cook who led the committee to privatize GAF. By mid-December, 1963, LBJ approved the sale of GAF (formerly owned by I G Farben) to private ownership.

2. Blogger Thomas H. Purvis posted information to the effect that Clay Shaw files were discovered in the I G Farben case boxes.

3. General Julius Klein, the bagman for the JFK assassination bribery money was attacked in a Florida op-ed piece, in a 1963 letter by Florida Senator George Smathers (a "friend" of JFK). Smathers alleged that Klein (the West German "shadow ambassador" and was representing I G Farben.

4. JFK's brother-in-law Prince Stanislas Radziwill was employed by Hermann Schmitz of I G Farben to "represent" the I G Farben interests in the General Analine and Film case in 1963 which LBJ quickly decided and ended.

Maybe somebody on this site can answer my biggest unknown information for which I would greatly appreciate and answer:

"When the last of the WWII Nazi's died, to whom did the money and organization that they had going (at least until the 1980's0 pass on to?"

That, to me, is the multimillion dollar question.

James Lateer