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Thread: Anatomy of the Second Floor Lunchroom Encounter

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    And again, additional evidence of the occurrence and timing of the 2nd floor lunch room encounter involving TSBD building employee LeeHarveyOswald, TSBD building supervisor RoySansomTruly, and DPD Officer MarrionLewisBaker.


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    That 2014 Lunchroom Incident essay is finally posted in the ESSAYS section of my website at My apologies for the delay. Unbeknownst to me my webmaster had moved to Vermont to pursue a master's degree, but forgot to inform his co-workers about my web account.

    This essay shows that the Stroud document places Adams & Styles on the stairs during the same timeframe that Truly & Baker are ascending the stairs from the elevator area. Since neither pair saw the other, the men had to have been in the lunchroom when the ladies passed.

    To further outline my argument devastating to Sean Murphy's lunchroom hoax theory-

    2) Every single item of lunchroom-related evidence has a mundane explanation that supports the incident's reality. A key example- hoaxers decry Baker's omission of seeing his suspect enter the room while writing his affidavit, but ignore the fact that Baker was mindful of this omission and confided it to homicide detective Marvin Johnson soon afterward.

    3) WC 3076, the Sept. 23rd affidavit, shows that 6 months after his testimony Baker was still confused about the TSBD floor layout. He initially described the lunchroom as on the "second or third floor" but upon reflection crossed out "or third floor"- giving a strong likelihood he was confused about the TSBD floor layout in his 1st-day affidavit.

    4) The 1964 filmed CBS interview and 1986 filmed testimony display no tangible indication that a monstrous lie about the lunchroom incident is being put forth, nor is there any indication that Baker was excessively nervous when being questioned by top-flight trial attorney Vincent Bugliosi.

    5) The will-call counter bump, a superfluous incident that serves no ostensible purpose in a contrived hoax narrative, is a telltale indicator that the dozen other points of correspondence in the Truly/Baker testimonies (at the elevator & in the lunchroom) actually happened

    6) The Kent Biffle newspaper story about Oswald being seen in a 1st-floor storage room has not one whit of corroboration, and is almost certainly garbled hearsay.

    7) The hoax theory flunks the test of Occam's Razor. A sizeable mini-conspiracy is required to sustain it, including Truly, Baker, James Bookhout, David Belin, James Leavelle, Jeraldean Reid, and anyone else "in the know" at the TSBD, DPD, FBI and Warren Commission.

    8) This contrived, artificial theory yields nothing. It has not produced a single substantive, tangible‚Äč result, despite more than a decade of searching for one.

    9) Truly confided to his wife that same evening that he'd encountered Oswald in the lunchroom. The apparent source for this is a Philadelphia-based news report.

    This is so far over the top it's embarrassing. It calls into question the hoaxers' ability to process rational information. How can their position be considered correct, if such an extensive counter-argument's bullet points can be assembled against it?

    There is nothing in their argument that necessitates their peculiar interpretation of the lunchroom-related evidence. Theirs is merely a collection of ambiguous police reports & anecdotes and newspaper stories. And their explanation for this ambiguity? That the event was make-believe. They leap to this conclusion without even considering alternative explanations.

    There is a classic Twilight Zone episode that helps illustrate how tragically far off the mark their interpretation is. In To Serve Man, the aliens finally arrive and they present humanity with a book of this title. But its contents are hieroglyphics that nobody can make sense of. Yet the aliens are friendly and evidently they've arrived to help serve us and share their technology.

    Near the end of the episode, as the lead scientist is boarding a ramp into their spaceship, for a journey to their home planet, his assistant suddenly bursts through the crowd. "We've decoded the book!" she yells.

    "Great! What's it say?"

    "It's a cookbook!!"


    One of us cannot be wrong. Either the lunchroom incident happened, or it did not happen. And the theory that it was just a hoax does not survive the combined forces of Reason and Sober Judgment.

    Its failure exposes, among many other things, the pigheadedness that pervades the JFK research community. The lack of maturity, both emotional and intellectual. And the underhandedness that its followers will resort to in order to promote this irrational belief.

    For to criticize the hoax belief guarantees that you will be targeted for scorn and ridicule- by the Clockwork Orange cyber-bullies who propagate this mullarkey. Censored, deleted, and ignored by the gatekeepers who shepherd the information flow about President Kennedy's murder- just like the good ole boys on the Warren Commission did, obfuscating the truth.


    Central to understanding just what happened inside the Depository is this unassailable fact- during the early minutes of the police search, power was cut to the passenger & freight elevators. And this is not mentioned in the Warren Report.

    Nor is it mentioned in any newspapers, that I am aware of. The newspaper archive that has been uncovered has been the true golden nugget of the hoax research. The rest of it is fool's gold.

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