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Thread: Bush-linked child sex ring in Florida and Georgia?

  1. Default Bush-linked child sex ring in Florida and Georgia?

    This is a wide-ranging and twisted story I've been investigating for quite a while. Some of you are probably familiar with John Couey, the Florida man who kidnapped, raped, and murdered 9-year-old Jessica Lunsford, and was sentenced to death. But Couey's crime likely had an untold political significance that necessitated a coverup of its full extent by local, state, and federal authorities. Specifically, Couey appears to have been part of a larger ring involving drugs and sex that was connected to prominent politicians and businessmen in Florida and Georgia. He was quickly sentenced and eliminated, made to appear like a lone pedophile. But was he really?

    This alleged Florida/Georgia sex ring, which I discuss in a wiki article of mine, ties in numerous elements:
    • Hispanic immigrant trafficking by Coggins Farms of Lake Park GA, a farm whose family members are said to be prominent businessmen connected to Senator Saxby Chambliss and even the Bushes
    • The Clint Curtis story of political corruption (involving close political allies of the Bushes), Chinese espionage, and election fraud; and the associated death of Florida state investigator Ray Lemme
    • Pandering of child sex slaves to politicians, businessmen, and the police (much like the Franklin scandal or Dutroux affair)
    • John Couey's infamous case, and what wasn't told by the official story: the involvement of more people than just Couey (including his family and Jessica's family), how Jessica's father escaped a child porn charge, Couey's strange death, and the possible connection to Coggins Farms
    • A probable CIA asset, cocaine smuggler Hank Asher, being used to offer hush money to Jessica Lunsford's father

    From my wiki page:

    In 2005, a series of allegations were made about a sex trafficking ring in the Valdosta GA area. They came out right after the arrest of John Couey, a Florida sex offender who had raped and murdered 9-year-old Jessica Lunsford before fleeing to Georgia. Two different articles, one by Ralph Kershaw and one by Dan Hayworth and Roger Schmid, cited unnamed law enforcement sources in linking Couey to a pedophile ring in South Georgia. This alleged ring involved Coggins Farms trafficking illegal immigrants, pandered children to political elites in Valdosta, and was part of Ray Lemme's investigation.

    Despite a lack of hard evidence, some elements of this ring have been corroborated. A couple months after those two articles, John Caylor independently published an interview with a former Coggins employee done in December 2004, who had mentioned illegal immigrant trafficking for farm labor and sex. In 2009, true crime author Chris Dahl began investigating the John Couey case and found signs that political pressure was being exerted to cover up its full extent. Dahl identified a couple pieces of evidence that would fit with Couey's involvement in a Georgia sex ring. And a prostitution ring in the Georgia area that trafficked immigrant women to provide sex to farm laborers was busted in 2013, confirming the presence of illegal immigrant sex trafficking in the region.
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