Remember all those times the surveillance cameras did not record any thing or were conveniently not on at the time?

Dumbo : how the CIA blind surveillance cameras

magictr | August 13, 2017 | Techno | 0 Comments
Lovers of political thrillers and conspiracy theories will lick their lips : Wikileaks has unveiled the August 3, 2017 a new part of the now famous Vault 7, which is supposed to contain all of the tools of espionage and piracy of the u.s. secret service. This time, it is the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), which is referred to by the revelations.
The program revealed is called Dumbo and it would simply serve to cover the traces of the CIA during special operations, or for any reason which appears to it to be justified.
Dumbo : software piracy that blocks the cameras

The principle of Dumbo is not really one of spy on targets or ordinary people : the aim is to cover the special operations of the CIA, so as to leave no trace. Dumbo has the ability to take control of a surveillance system and take control of the cameras and microphones.
Dumbo may, according to the documents revealed by Wikileaks, to cancel the records, delete, or corrupt records or even cut off the microphones. It will automatically identify all devices targeted, whether they are connected to the network, wired, Wifi or Bluetooth. Dumbo would, in addition, a simple USB key, which makes it easy to deploy.

An attack is 100% physical on a system

Unlike some of the tools of espionage of the CIA or the NSA, Dumbo may not be deployed at a distance : the USB flash drive containing the program must be inserted into the system and it needs the access SYSTEM to operate. As the single administrator access is not enough, Dumbo will try to himself to gain the access necessary to operate.

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Deploying 100 physical % of this malware requires a team of special intervention. The officers of the PAG (Physical Access Group or Group “physical access” in French), a branch of the CCI (Center for Cyber Intelligence) of the CIA, in charge at special operations.