Last month, I made a post in another DPF subforum about R. Doug Lewis, a central figure in the adoption and certification of electronic voting machines, and his potential connection to the CIA. The entire US election industry has numerous links to the CIA, so Lewis having a CIA connection would be very plausible. The partial inscrutability/obfuscation of Lewis's past (almost as if he crafted a cover-story for himself) and his political career (as a Texas GOP political leader who knew Gerald Ford and Karl Rove) also fits an intelligence operative, in my opinion.

Fascinatingly, Lewis grew up in New Orleans (about 7 years younger than Lee Harvey Oswald), has met with and ran the 1976 Texas campaign of Gerald Ford (one of the leading Warren Commission members), and owned a used-computer business called the Micro Trade Mart (whose name is similar to Clay Shaw's International Trade Mart). I was surprised to see these three aspects pop up on Lewis's life, since at the same time that I was researching Lewis, I was also learning about the JFK assassination.

While I know those three things are quite minor, I was wondering what JFK researchers here think of the possibility that Lewis himself was a CIA operative who perhaps came from the same milieu that LHO and Barry Seal did. Virtually nothing is known about Lewis's childhood thus far, aside from the fact that he grew up in New Orleans.