I personally have noticed that what I consider good/valuable political research/articles/sites are hidden deeper and deeper on the Google search engine - and the 'official versions' are more and more at the top of the list [always were].

Here is another progressive site's take on Google...but it is NOT hard to find MANY other examples:

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We are being censored and we need your help!
Earlier this year, Google changed its algorithm to suppress ‘fake news’ and ever since then, our readership at Popular Resistance has dropped dramatically. Your help is needed to break through this censorship. If you see an article on Popular Resistance that you like, please take a minute to use the sharing buttons at the top to post it on Facebook, Twitter or whichever social media platform you use. With your help, we the people will be the media and build the movement for social and economic transformation. Thank you. - Popular Resistance
Popular Resistance and other people’s media outlets are not the only ones being targeted by Google. This summer, a group of ten people who study wealth inequality, led by Barry Lynn for the past 15 years at the New America Foundation, was fired after criticizing Google’s growing domination. Fortunately, they regrouped as an independent organization and they continue to research and expose the causes of wealth inequality in the United States.
As one of the world’s richest nations, the US stands out for having the greatest wealth divide and high levels of poverty. Over the past 40 years, wages have stagnated and, as Lynn points out, “the richest one percent took more than half of all income growth since 1979.” Currently, the top 0.1 percent have wealth equal to the bottom 90 percent. It isn’t a matter of whether the US has enough money to support basic necessities like health, education and housing, but who has the wealth in the US and where our tax dollars are being spent.

The Rich Stealing from the Poor
The White House and leaders in Congress released their new tax proposal this week, and its no surprise that it is a huge gift to the wealthy and the President himself. Americans for Tax Fairness estimates that if the tax proposal were to become reality, it would mean a $6.7 to $8.3 trillion tax cut for the wealthy and leave us with a larger budget deficit. President Trump alone would gain over a billion dollars, which Bob Lord at Inequality.org describes as “Trump will be effectively cutting himself a check from the U.S. Treasury for several billion dollars.” But what else would we expect from a “Government by Goldman,” as Gary Rivlin and Michael Hudson describe it?
The budget deficit means greater austerity for the rest of us. Congress will use the deficit to cut important social safety net programs like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and to cut spending on education, housing and other necessities. We can be certain that the war machine will not be cut. In fact Republicans and Democrats in the Senate recently voted 89-8 in favor of an $80 billion increase in military spending. The US spends more on its military than the next top ten nations combined.
This is what we mean when we say that the US is an Empire Economy. Imagine the great social uplift that could be created by dismantling the Empire and investing in a transition to a clean energy economy, high quality public education from preschool to higher education, comprehensive health care for everyone and affordable housing.
Beyond taxes, the wealthy steal from the poor through control over markets and workers. In “To Address Inequality, Let’s Take on Monopolies,” Barry Lynn explains that monopolies allow the rich to control prices and exploit workers. Trade agreements have allowed large corporations to seek out places where wages are low and regulations are lax. And the assault on labor unions has also weakened basic protections for workers in the US. The Supreme Court just agreed to hear another case that would attack public sector unions. Paddy Quick argues that we must fight for changes that redirect wealth to reduce our growing inequality.