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Thread: Michele Metta Permindex docs in Excellent Translation

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    Have found some interesting documents that hint at a connection between Credit Suisse (Canada) and arms dealers. An FBI document states that Anthony Tucci was in Montreal with a letter of credit for $187,000 drawn on a Swiss bank. Could this bank be Credit Suisse (Canada), of which Bloomfield was a director? The document goes on to say that the money was to be used to implement an arms deal.

    The documents are attached. The specimen signature document is sourced from the Bloomfield files and the FBI document is sourced from Mary Ferrell. The FBI document's NARA record number is 124-10215-10340. The FBI document is part of the Domink Bartone files, and Bartone is an arms dealer.
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    The Italian newspaper L'Antidiplomatico published today a worldwide exclusive, by Michele Metta: inside Centro Mondiale Commerciale Commerciale-Permindex in Rome, there was not only Clay Shaw but also Gershon Peres, brother of Shimon Peres, President of Israel from 2007 to 2014.

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    Just out of curiosity Paz, do you and the author place Permindex into the framework of the so called Strategy of Tension that the CIA wanted to keep going in Italy?

    When I first read up on Permindex, that is what I thought it was a part of. Of so, boy did they succeed.

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