While aware of Woods work and theories for a long time, I had not purchased her quite expensive book until a few days ago when I found an as new copy for a low price. While I don't accept all of her theories, I'm open to some of the others and are a new way of looking at what happened. She definitely poses some logical problems with other alternative scenarios [alternative to the official version] - and points out events that can not yet be explained by the official version nor any of the standard alternative '911 Truth' versions of events at the WTC. However, the best part of the book are the photos - and for that alone I think it is worth adding to any 911 library. While many of the photos we've seen before on the internet, no other book has so many clear photos, and even some I've never seen before that are important. Her unique way of looking at what happened, even if I don't agree with all of it and dislike her inventions of terms for visual features repeatedly seen, the book belongs IMO in any 911 library. I think you'll find yourself looking again and again at the photos and some VERY interesting witness and first responder accounts verbatim that are not so easily available and rarely in print. The transcribed verbal accounts make clear that what happened was even stranger than most realize. I still think nano-thermite was used to bring the buildings down. Wood does not. Despite that, there are many other anomalies to be explained that nano-thermite has a difficult time in explaining for some events and phenomenon. I think that nano-thermite was not the only means used to demolish the towers and that Wood's questions, if not her proposed answers, make the book worth is price and weight. No other book deals with the very very strange 'rain' of persons who jumped to their deaths [hundreds of them] - and from places not yet consumed by fire and many too far away from the building to make sense - others looking as if they had not jumped, but were pulled or pushed out by forces unknown. It is a large book on very heavy and good paper, about 600 pages with lots of photos - some you've never seen; also lots of eye witness testimony - some you've not heard. I found my copy at a used bookstore in London for a good price. The new price is still rather high. Wood was fired from her University teaching job for her work on 911 and had been rather quiet recently. It will proudly stand in my growing library of better 911 reference books for sure. The last part on the Hutchinson effect, which she believes explains much or all of what happened is a bit esoteric science, but I have studied the work of Hutchinson and is not to be taken lightly. He was an electronic and physics genius living in Canada. He had a home laboratory which was raided by the RCMP and all his equipment seized. His ideas and theories are somewhat related to the work of Tesla. He too is now very silent or silenced. I don't find any of the parts of the book I personally don't find convincing totally out of the realm of possibility nor making the book any less valuable. A lot of very weird technologies were used on that day - most state-of-the-art and classified and then covered-up.