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Thread: WORMWOOD - Errol Morris, MK-ULTRA, and the death of Frank Olson revisited

  1. Default WORMWOOD - Errol Morris, MK-ULTRA, and the death of Frank Olson revisited

    Oscar winning documentary filmmaker Errol Morris has done a new, four-hour film about MK-Ultra and the death of Frank Olson. It's now screening on Netflix. I haven't watched it yet. Three news stories are below, and there are many others online.

    Bucking the trend of some recent documentaries or films attempting to debunk the crimes of the Deep State, Morris says this at the end of the Vanity Fair piece below.

    “I believe that the assassination was ordered by the C.I.A., and I believe it came from the highest levels,” he says. “Examining the nature of the cover-up, and who was involved in the cover-up, is very much an ongoing investigation of mine."
    Official Trailer -


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    The best book I've read on the subject was 'A Terrible Mistake' by Hank Albarelli. In my mind Olsen was murdered by his own team. Exactly why is somewhat obscured, but generally for knowing too much and being uncomfortable with what he knew. Perhaps it was the incident in France where an entire town was dosed with LSD and several died and more were forever damaged psychologically. Perhaps it was other similar things Olsen witnessed and had growing ethical discomfort with.....
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    I have watched most of it. Surprisingly well done. Kudos to Morris for tackling this subject, however it is pretty barebones on MKULTRA in general.

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    Yet Morris seems to remain an agnostic on Dealey Plaza.

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    Kris Millegan and Hank Albarelli both have major issues with this documentary. Kris will be writing about what is wrong with it. I'll be watching it next week.
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    I found it entertaining but not really bargaining in good faith. By this I mean that the Bluebird> MKULTRA evolution was practically avoided, the West Germany Olson Angle completely ignored all in favor of what felt like a lurch into bio warfare causality.

    Had Morris more fully developed the Bluebird> MKULTRA angle it would have been more convincing, perhaps.

    But there is such a glaring omission in motive and background of the hypnosis drug angle that, for those who have read A Terrible Mistake, it is VERY unconvincing. Notice how Morris comes out with these seemingly bold conclusions of things like this and Umbrella Man but they LEAVE THE MORE GENERAL READER CLOSED OFF WITHOUT EVER KNOWING WHAT WAS IN THAT CASE?

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    A generous interpretation would be that the researchers Morris uses have repeatedly nudged him towards particular conclusions. Morris is the guy btw who directed a feature-length documentary on Rumsfeld, then stated on camera what a shame it was that Rumsfeld never revealed anything particularly damning, how elusive Rumsfeld really was, how it's all a portrait of a guy you really can't pin down, nothing critical really stuck, it's a shame, etc. And that's a documentary that Rumsfeld was extremely cooperative with. Do you think that Rumsfeld would have been cooperative with Morris' documentary if there was a chance things might have gone another way? I doubt it.

    There are obvious, less generous interpretations to be had about how Errol Morris appears to detour around deep political roadblocks. Alex Cox directed a better short film on the Umbrella Man, and anyone on this board could have asked more biting questions of Rumsfeld.

    Just on the topic, as an example of Rumsfeld's media savvy when it counts, here's an earlier clip of Rumsfeld being interviewed in front of the Pentagon on September 13th 2001. The camera zooms in on a carefully positioned American flag, and Rumsfeld is lost for words with the angst of it all.

    The ABC News reporter is John McWethy. By a huge coincidence, McWethy, a national security correspondent for ABC News who had covered the Iran Contra affair, was earlier involved in constructing the official story for both the Oklahoma bombing, and the Pentagon attack. His Wikipedia page lists him as being 'heavily involved' with reporting on the former.

    "The fact that it was such a powerful bomb in Oklahoma City immediately drew investigators to consider deadly parallels that all have roots in the Middle East,”
    ABC‘s John McWethy proclaimed the same day.
    And here's McWethy letting us know the official account of the Pentagon event - light poles being knocked down, witnesses confirming the story - because he was there on the scene when it happened and ABC News cut immediately to him at the scene when they wanted an explanation.

    If it isn't obvious, McWethy was likely a spook asset, throwing out official story pabulum for the masses and being Johnny on the spot whenever something was blown up and required a prompt cover story. This is why he was chosen to be Rumsfeld's confidante throughout the sombre walk in front of the Pentagon for the TV cameras, and why thereafter he was the guy in 2004 chosen to do further PR interviews with both Cheney and Rumsfeld. McWethy was an asset, and he fulfilled his role. Given an example like this, is Rumsfeld going to later sit down and do a probing, feature-length tell-all with someone who was an unknown quantity, or someone who would stay within the required boundaries and do what he was told? The latter, clearly.

    I'm keen to see further details of what Kris and Hank have to say about WORMWOOD, but it's no surprise that, yet again, a mainstream media outlet has sidestepped the heart of the matter.

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    Trine Day lists a new Albarelli book coming in the future, WORMWOOD EXPOSED.

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