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Thread: Clay Shaw’s “Centro Mondiale Commerciale” and its Israeli connections

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    (1) Louis Mortimer Bloomfield was one of about 20 Jewish millionaires who established the Sonneborg Group in New York City. Although located in New York, it was called [as part of its title] "International." The list of its members has never been made public. But we know that one of them was General Julius Klein. In my opus compendium on this subject, we see that General Klein was [per Der Spiegel magazine] the "Shadow Ambassador" from West Germany to the US and was the bagman who carried the money to bribe the Senators like Thomas Dodd who backed the assassination of JFK.

    James Lateeer

    What is your source for the Sonneborg Group?


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    Default The Sonneborn Institute in "Bomb in the Basement" by Karpin

    Thanks for the interest in my posting by the member. I consulted my extensive notes on the books which I used in my research and found the following:

    The Bomb in the Basement: How Israel Went Nuclear and What That Means for the World, by Michael Karpin (2006).
    p.26 “In June, 1945 Ben-Gurion traveled to New York to raise money for armaments. A day later, Henry Montor reported to Ben-Gurion. He was executive director of United Palestine Appeal. Everyone was invited to a secret conclave on Sunday, July 1 at the home of millionaire Rudolph S. Sonneborn on 57th St. in New York. In the secret papers of a state-in-the-making, the 17 millionaires were given the code name “The Sonneborn Institute.”
    p.27 "The Sonneborn Institute would emerge again in 1956-1957, when a nuclear agreement between Israel and France was being discussed. Ben-Gurion once again drew up a list of wealthy Jews to finance the reactor…The millionaires of the Sonneborn Institute were the first to receive the appeal…”

    The above link came up regarding a book called Matrix for Assassination: The JFK Conspiracy by Richard Gilbride. In this excerpt on google books which I got by searching "sonneborn julius klien", the author links Permindex, Sonneborn, Julius Klein and Major Louis Bloomfield. I'm pretty sure I have seen this association in others of the 170 books which I have read in the last four years on the JFK conspiracy and related world issues.

    You will also see the above discussed in the book The Three Barons beginning on page 411, which has General Klein as a conspirator on the JFK organizational chart. If anyone need more info on the above, I can probably find some useful information for them.

    James Lateer

  3. Default Clay Shaw’s “Centro Mondiale Commerciale” and its Israeli connections

    Quote Originally Posted by Magda Hassan View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by John Kowalski View Post
    I have been reviewing Bloomfield's papers at Library and Archives Canada. Was told by them that his files will be closed in perpetuity. I have asked the Federal Court of Canada to overturn the archives decision. A story about this case is on Kennedys and King.
    Very interesting John. Keep us informed of this rather extraordinary development.
    Magda: The case is still in progress. Received the archive's affidavit yesterday which has their evidence to support their censorship position. Ha ve also filed ATIPs with different police agencies to see what they have about Louis Bloomfield and his brother Bernard.

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    Nice story Paz, but there are too many mistakes, for instance, the person in-charge at that time over DINA and who ordered she be tortured then killed was Bambi.

    Just trying to help out all those really good writers and researchers, lol...

    Trust me on this one.

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    I see that some folks are still stuck in the Matrix! Hope they don't come across any agents! LMAO!

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    This is YOUR last chance for you to take the blue pill I'm offering you, or, you can take the red one and be stuck in the Matrix FOREVER! LOLOLO.....


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    How interesting this story is, there was a place we knew as Centro Commerciale in Miami, and in 1976 JJA knew even after his retirement along with other members of the CIA about a botched plot and hit that was supposed to take place in Israel on the prime minister, oh well, shit happens.

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