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Thread: Tracking Oswald: Part 7

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    Bob Baer does not give up, does he? Another Castro did it pastiche.

    Well, neither does Kennedys and King, take that Bob

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    Bravo!, Mr. Fernandez (Arnaldo)

    Two Thumbs Up @ Facts countering the Agency's contrived fiction. The major difference between Fact and pigeon-droppings-fiction is the obvious contrast between what Mr. Fernandez is sharing in his well written, in depth piece , and what the deceptive, misleading professional liars espouse in Langley.

    In spite of who their mouthpiece(s) may be at a given time, the Agency has failed miserably to conclusively explain away the Oswald impersonators...impersonating him on more than a few occasions :

    *FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover's memo as early as 1960...

    *the obvious buffed & bald impersonator (3x larger than the MUCH slender wrongly accused) caught on film in Mexico City ---->

    *Credit: impersonator

    and. of course the ---->

    *the obvious voice-impersonations of the wrongly accused as well.

    Only treasonous cowards find themselves cowering behind sealed documents.
    Attached Images Attached Images
    "A Lie Believed By Everybody Is Not The Truth"--unknown


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    Thanks Alan.

    Bob Baer is an absolute sell out.

    I mean who buys this Castro crap today anyway?

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