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    Just listened to the conversation you had with Robert William Plumlee [Tosh] aka Buck Peirson aka many-other-names. The sound quality was a bit low, but I managed. I was the first researcher to really work with Plumlee on his life story. The book project about his life 'blew up in my face' and my life pretty much collapsed, then the Project did. Several other persons worked with Plumlee to get his story (or to destroy it) after I was 'out of the picture'. That is not important here and is too long and complicated a tale to go into now and here. I just wanted to say that what he said in that recording is consistent with what he told me over 20 years ago. I was able to glean a few new tidbits from the conversation. Plumlee knew a lot of people and a lot of important ones in the word of covert operations. He was, as he said, mainly a pilot - but was occasionally used for other operations and in his job as a pilot flew or go to know many persons of historical significance - if people not well know by the average citizen or the generally taught 'history'. His story has been generally consistent, and my researched showed that everything 'checked out' or I could find little reasonable information to refute it [with the possible exception of some of the details about his trip to Dallas - which, sadly, Plumlee is not willing to delve further into to resolve the contradictions, at this point. He and I remain on good terms despite this impasse on Dallas. He has been burned by many 'researchers' and sadly seems to generalizes that skepticism and now avoidance to all who call themselves researchers. From time to time he will again be forthcoming if I ask a question, but generally now he will just respond that he no longer speaks with or interacts with 'researchers' and will only discuss non-operational things with me - such as his hobbies or love of nature - or what new things he's doing. He was working on his own life's story - but last I heard that too had been abandoned or put on hold; at what stage of completion I don't know.
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  2. Default All things Edwin Kaiser

    I'm starting a thread to place all the things I come across for Scott.

    Please limit your posting to additional links, articles or info on EDWIN KAISER or related...

    address the question by using it's number in your post and

    PLEASE refrain from opinions and assumptions... this is not a discussion thread but a storage place for this work...


    Scott asked:

    1. What was Watergate truly about?
    2. Was there really a sixth burglar in Watergate, if so, who was he?
    3. Why didn't any of Liebengood's memos, notes, tapes or documents been released to the public?
    4. Why didn't my father trust the FBI, and why did he go to Liebengood with the information he knew?
    5. Who really is Richard Poyle, and why did my father seek him out?
    6. Is Hunt really telling the whole truth or part of it in his deathbed?
    7. How many Frenchmen did Hunt really know?
    8. Did my father really steal photographs, if so, what were they?
    9. Could my father have killed anyone during his living years?
    10. Who really was Edwin Kaiser? Was he just a man who knew a few Cubans, or something more?

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    Default Just a few more questions

    I will be as blunt as I can, there is a difference between a soldier and a mercenary. A mercenary enjoys killing for money.

    1.) Who do you think killed Duke in Alaska whose murder was never solved?

    2.) Who do you think killed Torriente after he went to the FBI with information about the Cubanos Unidos and selling drugs to support their infiltrations into Cuba.

    3.) Who do you think killed Papa Doc and was planning his assassination since 1969 including the Senator who sat on the Warren Commission and he visited Alaska in 1972?

    4.) Who do you think was the sixth burglar in Watergate and worked with William Pawley?

    5.) Who do you know that was known by Frenchie in Miami?

    6.) Who was really under scrutiny by the agency and James Jesus Angleton because he turned out to be a mole?

    7.) Who was the assassin that got caught in Israel after a botched attempt on the prime minister's life in 1976?

    8.) Who do you think killed Aldo Vera after finding out he was an informant for the FBI after Vera viewed the stolen photographs, Vera was killed just weeks AFTER the HSCA got started?

    9.) Who do you think went to the FBI with his attorney when they were planning a subpoena regarding information about "DALLAS", but he never said a word because he didn't trust the FBI?

    10.) Who do you think reached out to Howard Liebengood but didn't "confess" everything?

    For someone who didn't have a job; Who killed Jack Kennedy, our family secrets are very hard to share when no one has ever heard of the man I'm talking about. I wonder, if not a mercenary, than how was he able to buy his wife a brand new Buick Electra, a Lincoln for himself, not mention a house and didn't have a job? Interesting!

    Who do you all say may have been involved in killing Kennedy? And, I'm talking purely their involvement somehow, okay?

    Luis C.
    Some financial by the Rothschilds?
    Hoffa maybe?

    Tell me, who worked with ALL of them, pressured any of them, or turned on some of them, any questions?

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    There really is a lot of information out there that was supposed to be released for all intent and purposes, the publicity and stories made up over time, then, there was information that was not meant to be released, YOU have to determine who's really telling the truth.
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    KEN KLEIN'S notes on a discussion with ORTIZ


    Once in a while you get shown the light
    in the strangest of places if you look at it right.....
    R. Hunter

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    Thanks David, but I already fear the worst, I really don't know how to express how it feels as an adult at the age of 53 and not knowing who my father was, can you just imagine what psychological damage this really has done to me learning who my father was 40 years later?

    I never gave up in looking for the answers, my mother practically begged me to stop and leave it alone, but I think she now understands how important it all means to me and knowing who my father really was, now that I know, and what really happened, I wished I had listened to my mother... sigh!

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