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Thread: Best JFK books of the last 2 years?

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    Quote Originally Posted by James Lateer View Post

    (2) There was a possible military take-over involved in the JFK assassination plan. But that was the plot to kill BOTH JFK and LBJ and hence throwing the US government into chaos. That would have made the Vatican-connected and virulent anti-Communist John W. McCormack the President. The hunt for the obvious plot and it's members would have required martial law. That was the desire of the ex-Nazis, i.e. disrupt our government and GET RID OF DEMOCRACY because it was a threat to fascists and monarchists like themselves. A General MacArthur or similar officer would have made an excellent partner for worldwide fascists such as Francisco Franco of Spain and Italian fascists.
    I think that retaining LBJ as President was a necessary part of the plot (to maintain the facade of democracy), but when LBJ didn't go along with the plan he had to give them a consolation prize: Vietnam. What was it he said at the Christmas party in December 1963? "Just get me elected and you can have you damn war."

    Anyway, my theory may not be correct but I think it fits the facts better than any of the other ones. However, at this point in my life I'm not that interested in debating about it anymore.

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    Default JFK Research

    Dear JFK Buffs: I am more than halfway through the 2017 biography of Speaker of the House John W. McCormack. As many know, I feel there was a good chance that the plot to kill JFK also involved the possible murder of LBJ in order to make Speaker McCormack President. (He was next in line).

    I may have some new information about this which I am gleaning from the 780 page biography. This is the first-ever biography of McCormack which is reason enough to suspect a rat in regards to him.

    I can tell you that I just read about his secret letters to J Edgar Hoover which ran from 1936 to 1972 and which he hand-typed on his typewriter to keep them away from the eyes of his staff. They were signed "Dear Edgar"and "Dear John".

    Also, he apparently detested JFK. The biographer hasn't really given an adequate explanation why McCormack detested JFK.

    More to come.

    James Lateer

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    Default JFK Assassination and Speaker John W McCormack

    I have just finished my read of "John W McCormack: A Political Biography" by Professor Garrison Nelson.
    This book should be read by anyone wishing to expand his knowledge of the JFK Assassination. I will be putting together a detailed review of this book at some point, but here are the highlights:

    1) When JFK was killed 11-22-63, McCormack became second in line to be President because he was Speaker of the House.

    2) LBJ, in my opinion, lived in fear during 1964 because it would be possible for him also to be murdered (maybe poisoned) by those who were more in favor of the policies of McCormack than LBJ.

    3) The Presidential Succession Act of 1967 (and amendment) followed because many others in the Congress feared the same thing. They thought a new President should pick his own Vice-President to prevent the Congress setting up their own Speaker in the White House as was narrowly averted in 1963-1964.

    4) McCormack colluded with Senator Thomas Dodd (and three others) in 1959 to set up the "Committee for Freedoms for All Peoples". This was a reaction to the visit to the US of Khrushchev. They wanted to prevent, among other things, an address to a joint session of Congress by Krushchev which was in the works. Of course, I believe that Senator Dodd and his Senate Internal Security Subcommittee was running Oswald as an asset or agent. Dodd was also investigating Oswald's weapons vendors just before the assassination. Dodd and James O Eastland were co-chairs of the SISS committee. See author Jeffrey Caufield on this issue.

    5) One of the other three (on this committee) was Senator Styles Bridges (R,NH). In Dodd's censure hearings, it came out that Bridges, like Dodd, was in the pay of the West German government by bag-man General Julius Klein.

    6) McCormack's aide Martin Sweig was, like Dodd and General Klein, in the habit of traveling frequently to Europe and back on ocean liners that he could not have had the money to pay for himself on his salary. He often visited, among other places, Rome.

    7) McCormack was essentially the first Chairman of HUAC (in its earlier form) in 1935.

    8) McCormack was sometimes called "The Bishop of Boston" because he was a staunch defender of Catholic activist positions such as Federal aid to parochial schools (which JFK squelched around 1961).

    9) During the crucial year 1964, this threat hanging over the head of LBJ was likely the crucial reason why he escalated the Vietnam War. It is now coming out that Vietnam was mostly carried out in support of the Catholic government of the Diems and General Thieu. This was due in part of the threat of McCormack taking his place by (possibly) a "mysterious death."

    10) Before entering Congress, McCormack was a "mafia attorney" who made his money defending Irish gangsters in Boston.

    11) McCormack carried on a clandestine correspondence with J Edgar Hoover from 1936 until the death of Hoover in 1972.

    12) While in the leadership of the Congress, McCormack intervened with Truman to gain a pardon of the imprisoned (and still serving) Mayor of Boston, James Curley.

    13) In 1968, McCormack wrote an infamous letter to the FBI recommending the hiring of John Connally (no relation to the Texan). Connally went on to serve as a "mole" inside the FBI and protected the infamous "Whitey" Bulger who went on to commit 19 murders, six of which directly related to his "protection" provided by the FBI mole.

    14) Per author Nelson, LBJ always referred to and lumped together as "the Catholics" when he was talking about the Congressional Leadership under Senator Mike Mansfield, McCormack and whip Hale Boggs of Louisiana. It goes without saying that these Congressmen had a major role in setting up the Warren Commission and the cover-up. Eisenhower also disdained this same leadership as "too political" and doctrinaire (read "too anti-Communist").

    15) The McCormacks and the Kennedy families were involved in a huge fracas in the primary battle between Eddie McCormack and Teddy Kennedy in 1962 regarding the open seat in the Senate (which was won by Teddy). These two families were in, basically, a non-stop political feud over control of the Massachusetts Democratic Party, dating back to the 1920's and maybe even earlier.

    Of course, all of the above relates to the fundamental events of US history in the 20th Century. Until 2017, there were no biographies ever written about Speaker McCormack. Author Nelson blames that fact on the ficticious family heritage which was totally invented my McCormack. (McCormack's father was not Irish, but rather a Scottish Canadian immigrant). I think the real reason for the lack of a biography was fear of the mafia-FBI connection which would come out front-and-center in any detailed biography of McCormack (as it did in this one).

    James Lateer

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    Default The Skorzeny Papers

    Does anybody know why Mr. Hank Albarelli is no longer one of the authors of the book about QJ/WIN and why the title was changed. Seems odd that there was already the first chapter released but then it looks like they almost went back to the drawing boards.

    I wonder what the role of Skyhorse Publishing is in these changes. I am looking even more enthusiastically toward reading the book as it is now titled. Instead of "teasing" by not naming QJ/WIN, it now looks like they have a wealth of stuff on the Skorzeny connection.

    James Lateer

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    Default The Skorzeny Papers-Coup in Dallas

    I just got more information on the Albarelli/Ganis issue. The book became too long and it is now split into two books. Could be a feast of new info. Can't wait!

    The Albarelli book is Coup in Dallas, the Ganis book is The Skorzeny Papers.

    James Lateer

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    Amazon links to the two books below. They're out in May and November, respectively. Dick Russell does introductions for both books.

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    I'll be interested to read these when they appear

    Much of the material probably comes from this auction from 2012

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    Default Skorzeny Papers

    How could all of Skorzeny's papers be sold in the range of $20,000 to $30,000? Wouldn't anybody know how much valuable stuff would be in there? Even the German Government should be on top of that.

    Just goes to show how few people really know what's going on here on planet earth. Amazing.

    I hope that the authors are getting access to what they need.

    In my opinion, there is more likelihood that Skyhorse Publishing is going to totally delay and cover up anything that speaks of the real deep truth. They published Act of Treason by Mark North (which blamed the mafia) and other books which are not really persuasive.

    Let's see if (and when) these books (now two of them) are released. I hope I am wrong, but this publisher does not have any real revelations to its credit. Please tell me I'm wrong.

    James Lateer

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    Please tell me I'm wrong.
    You're wrong. They've published plenty of political research books that are of value, and probably a few here and there that are less useful. Jim DiEugenio's RECLAIMING PARKLAND was a Skyhorse volume, as is the new revised edition out in a month or so, as are the Dick Russell and Peter Dale Scott titles they've released, as are dozens of titles on other conspiracy subjects. Bill Pepper's MLK books and Donald Thomas' HEAR NO EVIL were also from Skyhorse, as are their numerous Harold Weisberg reprints.

    In my opinion, there is more likelihood that Skyhorse Publishing is going to totally delay and cover up anything that speaks of the real deep truth.
    Skyhorse prints books like that because they want to make money from the sales, which helps them print more books and pays the wages of staff, etc etc. There's not much more going on than that.

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    Default Skyhorse Publishing

    I agree that they have published very good books. I think that Act of Treason by Mark North is an outstanding and useful book and I have relied on it. But I have relied on it to ELIMINATE J Edgar Hoover, not to INCLUDE Hoover.

    Maybe its like you say, if they published the real story (if that is ever found), then it would cost them sales. So books by Peter Dale Scott, etc. are very useful. I have read many of them. But I still say, when the smoking gun is found, if it's found, it won't be in a Skyhorse book. We'll see what happens with Skorzeny/Albarelli/Ganis.

    James Lateer

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