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Thread: Best JFK books of the last 2 years?

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    Does anybody know why Mr. Hank Albarelli is no longer one of the authors of the book about QJ/WIN and why the title was changed. Seems odd that there was already the first chapter released but then it looks like they almost went back to the drawing boards.

    I wonder what the role of Skyhorse Publishing is in these changes. I am looking even more enthusiastically toward reading the book as it is now titled. Instead of "teasing" by not naming QJ/WIN, it now looks like they have a wealth of stuff on the Skorzeny connection.

    James Lateer
    I don't know the details, but I know someone who would know them and am in weekly touch with them. I didn't notice that Hank Albarelli was no longer co-author; did note the cover had changed and also noted that suddenly Albarelli would be coming out with his own book. I'm guessing the two authors had a spat and each took their marbles to their own books - both of which are to be out in the next months. That's a guess. I'll see what I can find out factually - and that I'm allowed to share.....
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    Default The Skorzeny Papers

    My guess is that the authors did not have a spat. My guess is that the old intel folks forgot to tell the new, younger intel folks about the "facts of life" regarding Skorzeny. Hence, the intel community neglected to suppress these Skorzeny papers.

    Apparently, they were in the hands of someone who did not know how to interpret them. Hence, now there are smart people like Albarelli and Ganis looking at them and they have a mountain of stuff. This leads to two problems: (1) Skyhorse does not want to publish sensational stuff, and (2) there is just too much stuff so they had to split up the task and Ganis and Albarelli are not really ultra-aggressive on conspiracy speculation as would be, say, Peter Dale Scott or Dr. Jeffrey Caufield. So it is probably being decided which punches to pull in this dogfight.

    These papers probably contain the truth about the role of Gestapo Chief Heinrich Muller advising the US government in setting up the National Security State. That is potentially even more explosive than the JFK assassination. I just hope that, if this is true, the papers are secure and not subject to being "burglarized" before they can be properly evaluated.

    James Lateer

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