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Thread: Alec Cockburn Lives: Matt Stevenson, JFK and CounterPunch

  1. Default Alec Cockburn Lives: Matt Stevenson, JFK and CounterPunch

    Another of the fruity left's examples of unbelievably bad scholarship on the subject of JFK and Vietnam.

    Except Matt Stevenson is so bad, he makes Paul Street look respectable.

    They never give up though. Which means more work for me. Well, someone has to do it I guess.

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    BTW, don't miss the link at the bottom. That was my direct reply to Cockburn during the whole JFK hysteria.

    He really didn't like it from what I understand.

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    Default JFK and Vietnam

    It is good to know that Jim Dieugenio has a new book coming out JFK: The Evidence Today. I hope that Jim or someone could have the time to go through the recently released JFK files (released last November). There are undoubtedly new items of evidence there "hiding in plain sight."

    As for JFK and Vietnam, I think the evidence that I know of proves that JFK was intending to pull out the US troops as of 11-22-63. Further, the most credible evidence reveals that the US was actually winning the Vietnam War as of 1963. I watched the recent Ken Burns documentary on Vietnam from start to finish. What came through to me in watching was that the South Vietnamese were much closer to being able to fight the war on their own, without US troops, than has traditionally been reported. According to the Burns documentary, the Nixon plan of Vietnamization could have succeeded, but that once the US government had pulled out, they just didn't care anymore, hence they bungled the aid to South Vietnam.

    I am one of the few people who thinks that the US actually won the Vietnam War, if you look at US goals there. At the beginning of the Vietnam War, the Domino Theory was real. India had been neutralized by the Sino-Indian War and Indonesia was all set up to go Communist under Sukarno. By 1975, everything had changed and the Domino Theory had long since become irrelevant, with the "opening to China" and the general stoppage of Communist momentum worldwide. We "stalled for time" in Vietnam, and it worked.

    My factor analysis which is published in The Three Barons seems to prove the importance of Vietnam in the assassination. The Diem brothers and Henry Cabot Lodge rate very high in factor 1, a factor which also includes 15 of the major plotters right at the top.

    As to people who want to make a "leftist" or "rightist" analysis of the JFK case, I can't understand why so many people are more interested in blowing smoke about this, rather than solving the case top to bottom. With the passage of time and the internet, the case can be (and probably has been) solved by such dedicated researchers as Dr. Jeffrey Caufield in his book "General Walker..." and other similar books. The upcoming book about QJ/WIN by H.P. Albarelli also promises to be a goldmine of new insights and information.

    It's an exciting time in the world of JFK research. I don't know why everybody is not on top of this issue right now. And why should we care? Well, the most important reasons are (1) the National Security State which helped assassinate JFK is still up to its old tricks with Trump, which every American has a duty to read about and understand for the good of the country and (2) in case, God forbid, that we have another assassination of a President, the potential plotters should not feel they can get away with a second cover-up on top of the JFK cover-up. And, to me, this isn't a leftist or rightist issue: its an issue of lies vs the truth, crime and punishment for crime. What kind of a person would rather gobble up lies than inhale the fresh air of truth?

    There is no substitute for the truth.

    James Lateer

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    There's a number of books of interest coming this year. Jim's new volume, Lisa Pease's RFK volume in September, and John Newman's INTO THE STORM in December, to name three. The Albarelli (co-written) book on QJ/WIN will hopefully arrive this year too.

    Newman says a revised edition of the second in his JFK series - COUNTDOWN TO DARKNESS - will likely appear in 2020. I'm assuming he'll be doubling back a little to incorporate whatever tidbits he's learned since writing it.

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    And if you listened to my last BOR, Bobby Kennedy Jr had a book coming out soon.

    It is really interesting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim DiEugenio View Post
    And if you listened to my last BOR, Bobby Kennedy Jr had a book coming out soon.

    It is really interesting.
    Really! Can you tell us anything about it? Has he continued to study after reading JFKU?


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    I can't say a lot about it, but it is a really neat defense of the attacks that have been made on his grandfather, JFK and RFK.

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    Meanwhile Paul Street is still at it:

    He can't even bring himself to name James Douglass' book, only alude to it as a "Catholic Workers book".

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    BTW, I have a request in to Counterpunch to let me reply to Street.

    Its a shame because its not a bad journal really.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim DiEugenio View Post
    BTW, I have a request in to Counterpunch to let me reply to Street.

    Its a shame because its not a bad journal really.
    Wowee, this Street is really doubling down.

    "I do not pretend to know the full stories behind the assassinations or executions of either John F. Kennedy (JFK) or Martin Luther King, Jr., the latter killed in Memphis, Tennessee, exactly 50 years ago today. Were one or both them killed by lone gunmen? By the CIA? The FBI? Organized crime? The U.S. military? Some combination of these? There are good reasons to doubt the official stories and suspect “deep state” conspiracies in both cases. But don’t ask me for any definitive answers. I don’t have any and I doubt I ever will."

    Ahem. And why might the FBI, CIA and/or the military (deep state?) want to kill JFK if he was the raging warmongering racist imperialist Street and his fellow morons say he was?

    Etc. etc. etc.

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