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Thread: Mili Cranor on the Wide Tracheotomy

  1. Default Mili Cranor on the Wide Tracheotomy

    Mili Cranor is one of the best on the medical evidence.

    Here is her latest for KennedysandKing, which is a revision of a previous piece:

  2. Default Commander James Humes' Tightrope Challenge

    An exceptional read!

    Ms. Cranor's piece sheds light/truth amid the dense fog/revisions of an ever changing script.


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    I think its pretty interesting myself also.

    Especially since she quoted Perry's own writings on the subject.

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    Wasn't Perry subjected to quite a bit of pressure on 11/23 to reverse his original characterization of the neck wound as an entry would?

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    From what I understand, that is true.

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