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Thread: The Skripal Poisoning - A Very Deep British Affair

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    Default The Skripal Poisoning - A Very Deep British Affair

    For the last two and a half weeks the British media - less so the world or western media - have been engaged in publishing the most contrived one-sided news stories designed to inflate public angst against Russia and especially Russia’s leader, Vladimir Putin.

    The two essential questions are can we show that this really was a contrived and fabricated story and if so why? What was it’s aim? The first question can clearly be answered in the affirmative and supported by evidence.

    The why question still hasn’t been clearly answered. The affair is ongoing and the aims remain shrouded; although reports from Russia suggest a joint US-UK military intervention in Syria that include 2,300 British troops, Challenger tanks and British flagged Cobra and Black Hawk helicopters massing at the American Al Tanf base.

    In any event, after almost two weeks of massive daily doses of trope from a wholly discredited media, two newspaper stories stood out. Actually, not stories but reports.

    The allegedly offending nerve agent we are told the dastardly Russians used to kill the Skripal’s - and which failed to do so, is named Novichok. This is said to be between 5 and 8 times more deadly that VX, the most deadly nerve agent in the Western armoury. One Russian reporter noted that opening a vial of Novichok in a restaurant would kill not only the assassin and everyone in the restaurant in minutes, but that the restaurant would have to be encased in concrete thereafter. Is this true? I have no idea, but the story itself speaks of the enormous kill potential of this particular nerve toxin. And yet no one has died. Neither of the two Skripal’s, nor the DSgt. policemen who is said to have been poisoned at the Skripal’s house (although this apparent story has changed too)

    Which makes the following media photo - there are several different ones circulating - of firemen watching other men in full Hazmat suits collecting or investigating contaminated samples of Novichok. The firm though are wholly unprotected other than their normal fire-wear. No hazmat suits, no breathing apparatus… nothing. And yet they stand just feet away the sample collecting men from Porton Down, Britain’s Chemical and Biological warfare Establishment that is geographically situated just a mere 8 miles down the street from the Salisbury park where both the Skripal’s were found slumped and unconscious.

    Stand safely behind the magical police tape while scaring the public

    More scaring of the public

    It is evident from the foregoing photo that the mainstream media are content to go along with the government campaign to hoodwink the British public with this artless propaganda story. The takeaway from this is that they can never be trusted again; that every emotionally charged story they publish on behalf of the British government can only be read in order to extract actual facts, but otherwise discarded as worthless. The British media as far as journalism goes is dust. The best that can be said for them is that they report British government propaganda as an exercise in compliant stenography.

    But even in their appalling and ethical free toadie-ness, sometimes nuggets of pure gold that prove the whole story to be a pure canard can be and are published by mistake (or by a journalist with a conscious who tries to sneak important information innocently in).

    This has proven to be the case in the Skripal affair.

    In the London Times on Friday, 16th March 2018, a letter appeared in the letters column. It was damning and in one stroke destroyed the entire fabricated Skripal story.

    Dr. Stephen Davies, the Consultant of emergency medicine at Salisbury District Hospital, where both the Skripal’s and the Sgt. of police were being kept and treated ( and still are) wrote to The Times to correct the facts of their sensational (fabricated) story of 14th March 2018 under the sensational and alarming headline “Poison exposure leaves almost 40 needing treatment”.

    Dr. Davies words were precise and destructive: “May I clarify that no patients have experienced symptoms of nerve agent poisoning Salisbury and there have only ever been three patients with significant poisoning”.

    Let me repeat that: “There are NO patients with nerve agent poisoning in Salisbury”. Not the Skripal’s and not the DSgt. Then for clarity he adds: “… and there have only ever been three patients with significant poisoning” - in other words the Skripal’s and the DSgt. The good doctor, who is a Consultant for the emergency room (yes, he exists, yes he works at Salisbury District Hospital, yes he is the Consultant for emergency medicine - I checked) doesn’t identify what poison was used on those three patients, but he is able to state categorically that it was not “nerve agent”.

    Two weeks of headline news destroyed by one letter from the person who knew but who wasn’t scripted into the charade.

    Life is never dull, eh.

    For those who care to dig further there is really only one individual to recommend for conducting an independent and damning investigation into this smelly affair, and that is former British diplomat, Craig Murray, who as a matter of fact was the British Ambassador in Uzbekistan, the region where Russian Novichok was “developed”. Murray had, in fact, visited the facility where this happened in his ambassadorial role.

    His blog is: Dig back over the last two weeks and have fun reading Murray as he utterly destroys the British governments story using facts supplied by some of his wide number of insiders at Porton Down and elsewhere who clearly very, very unhappy with being forced to toe the government lie.
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