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Thread: Noam Chomsky Needs an Intervention

  1. Default Noam Chomsky Needs an Intervention

    Onward and downward with the famous, or infamous, linguist.

    I thought this was probably his worst outing yet. He has become sort of like the old guy on the corner telling stories to anyone who will listen.

    The Iraq War demonstrations were effective? South Vietnam was destroyed by 1966?

    Where does he pull this stuff from? And why does no one call him on it? Except me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim DiEugenio View Post
    And why does no one call him on it? Except me.
    I'm too busy calling you out for the no-fly zone you maintain over the clothing evidence, Kennedy's policy in Laos, and the pressure on JFK not to intervene in the Bay of Pigs operation.

    Historian, heal thyself.

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    Kennedy's policy in Laos blows away Chomsky's smear of him as a super-hawk.

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    I hate to tell you this, but JFK was not a super hawk on any angle.

    Thanks for reducing my battle with him to another one of your own internecine feuds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim DiEugenio View Post

    I hate to tell you this, but JFK was not a super hawk on any angle.
    Other than the overthrow of Diem and the tepid attempt at regime change at the Bay of Pigs I tend to agree with you.

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    Jim, you have the platform to call Chomsky out. Good on you, get after him.

    I have a platform to call you out for your errors. So I do.

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    Jim I do little else but call out Chomsky for lying about JFK

    I think it's no accident that the most blatant lies are on the left. From Day One as Alsop says to LBJ in the 11-25 WH call the left is seen as the flank that needs extra support.

    I have a question on your Black Op Radio Interview. of 4-4. You state that RFK suggested the Poor Peoples campaign to MLK. What is your source on that?

    Also you state that MLK was going to definitely support MLK . What is your source on that as well?

    Glad to hear you are reading Palermo. It gets better and better as the book goes on . The last 50 pages are completely mind blowing and is probably the most important thing to read in America right now. It makes us realize just how much we have been understating our case.. I would also recommend the book on the RFK Indiana campaign. Unputdownable.

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    The source for the first is Schlesinger's biography, hardcover edition, Volume 2, pp 911-12. RFK's suggestion went from him to King through Marian Wright. I may have left the impression it was a direct conversation.

    There are two sources for the second, Schlesinger p. 912 and Martin Luther King Jr: The FBI File, p.572.

    What is notable about that second source is that, at the time of the discussion, LBJ was still in the race. He had not made his public withdrawal yet.

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    Nathaniel. What book is it you're talking about, Palermo?

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    Its called "In His Own Right" by Joseph Palermo.

    I think its pretty good myself. One of the better RFK biographies.

    Nathaniel also recommended "Bobby Kennedy and the Indiana Primary" which I have not read yet.

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