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Thread: A Distinguished Panel Presentation Presents...

  1. Default Hope You're Feeling Better Soon

    Given that Mr. Mellor (Pete) stepped in at very short notice for Mr. Griggs who had gotten ill, certainly wish the longtime exemplary JFK researcher a full, speedy recovery.


  2. Default

    The guy who is a really unsung hero of this effort and who is really what I call a work horse as opposed to show horse is Malcolm BLunt.

    This guy visits NARA as much as anyone I know even though he lives across the pond.

    He is simply invaluable for the stuff he digs up on this case.

  3. Default I'll 2nd That

    I'll 2nd Mr. DiEugenio's lavish praise heaped upon a worthy recipient @ Mr. Blunt. Two thumbs up to the distinguished gentleman.

    For those who may not already be aware, please keep the following reading gem (updated & revised) in mind when you are looking for something worthwhile to immerse yourself into this Summer.

    That said, How about an encore w/Mr. Blunt, courtesy of the Dealey Plaza UK Canterbury 2018 Seminar ---->


  4. Default Dr. John Newman Interview w/ Bart Kamp DPUK 2018

    Dr. John Newman, intelligence analyst and author, interview is out on audio at the LGP


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