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Thread: The Tippit Case in the New Millenium

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    Even more evidence of reliance upon a hastily contrived script to frame an innocent party—rather than actual facts-- is also evident surrounding a jacket officialdom says belonged to the wrongly accused, who—according to them discarded it in an adjacent parking lot as he made his getaway after Tippit’s demise. The jacket can be seen here ---->

    Please take a good, long look at their “evidence” above, because we’ll come back to view that “evidence” w/more scrutiny later.

    During the House Select Committee on Assassinations in the late 1970’s, largely upon the testimony of 10th & Patton eyewitness Jack Tatum (who drove by/through the Tippit murder scene) the point-blank headshot into the right temple of the fallen officer was addressed/described as, quote, “a coup de grace.”

    Rather than insert that grotesque picture here of the fallen officer bearing that head wound, I’ll respect that some of you reading along may be having lunch, dinner,etc. That said, let’s now return to the jacket image above.

    Ask yourselves, IF the wrongly accused was actually wearing this trumped up evidentiary jacket, and fired an up close and personal shot into a fellow human being's temple, Where is the blood back spatter evidence upon the jacket?

    Did that normal back spatter blood--that blows back to the surface of the energy from whence it came--come under a magical spell somehow, and simply disappear altogether ?

    Hasn’t there been enough magic produced in the “evidence” against the wrongly accused already….magic bullets, magical self-cleaning coats...

    There is no blood spatter evidence there because—as with all of the other “evidence” in this case against the wrongly accused, the “evidence” is just that, contrived “evidence”… contrary to reality, resting solely upon magic/manure spread amid a hastily contrived script to frame an innocent party.

    Again, thank goodness this case is now under review for a much closer examination in the new millennium.

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  2. Default What Really Happened At 10th & Patton?

    Courtesy of a Journal of Forensic Sciences article, Characteristics of Backspatter on the Firearm and Shooting Hand—An Experimental Analysis of Close-range Gunshots, co-authored by Sebastian N. Kunz MD., Ph.D; Herwig Brandtner M.D.; and, Harald J. Meyer Ph.D…. --à

    Contact and close‐range gunshot injuries can produce bloodstains on the shooting hand and weapon. In this study, backspatter was analyzed in experimental horizontal pistol shots into blood‐filled sponges. The shooting distances were set between 0 and 45 cm. With increasing shooting distance,there was a significant decrease in the degree of backspatter. Microspatter could be detected on the weapon and shooting hand up to a shooting distance of40 cm. They were predominantly located on thumb and index finger as well as the radial dorsal aspects of the hand. Fine spray of microspatter combined with elongated droplets in the shape of exclamation marks was found at contact and 2‐cm distance shots. An angular calculation based on the shape of the bloodstains was possible up to a shooting distance of 2 cm. No bloodstainswere detected beyond 45 cm.

    Note their experiment was conducted with sponges…the point being here the volume of back spatter upon a human head would produce a MUCH greater impact. Essentially--given the Tippit shot was at point-blank range--the closer to the target that the gun is fired...the great the spatter.

    Yet, in spite of this point-blank coup de grace shot directly into the right temple of a human head, officialdom’s jacket “evidence” is void of blood spatter. Why? They know why...

    Amid their haste to frame an innocent party, the real culprits overlooked more than a few details, and the details they did share run contrary to the tall tale they sold the general public. Nor did the authorities submit into their reports that the gun the wrongly accused is said to have used bore traces of blood back spatter within its barrel, let alone could they record evidence of human blood spatter found upon the wrongly accused's clothing, hands, face, or hair during their staged arrest.

    Moreover, Is this frail looking man ---->,weighing in at a scant/mere 131 pounds anywhere near the DPD radio transmission of the actual suspect's weight of 165lbs broadcast out over the air waves at 12:48PM ---->

    The wrongly accused was framed.

    The plain simple
    truth doesn't require 26 volumes of manure spread. With the above picture in mind, here's an actual description of at least one of the Tippit culprits at the murder scene at 10th & Patton ----> "short, stocky and bushy-haired" -- Helen Markham

    Does the wrongly accused--even remotely--appear "stocky"?

    Is there anything thick and "bushy" about the wrongly accused's simple hairstyle?

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    Nice observation Alan.

    I agree, its not the right jacket.

  4. Default The Tippit Case in the New Millenium

    Your wise assertion @ wrong jacket, Mr. DiEugenio, is spot on ---->

    In their haste to frame an innocent party, the actual culprits responsible for plotting to kill Tippit and luring him to his demise overlooked the small, yet important details. They planted a white jacket near the murder scene, and then produced “evidence”of a different coloured jacket altogether. OOPS!

    Sadly, three lives surrounding one single event were lost in a span of 48hrs. One killed because he was a man of peace (President Kennedy). One lured to his death to enhance the fake autopsy of the peacemaker (like President Kennedy --Tippit also received a bullet wound to one of his temple's... the same side as the slain president). The other murder victim--the wrongly accused- was simply silenced before the truth of the actual events that unfolded with the first two victims could come to light.

    Waaaaay past time for the Tippit Case to be reviewed further in the new millennium under a much closer examination. Spare the public the manure spread.

    *Addendum: the white coat in the video above is also void of blood spatter as, no matter how officialdom tries to slant it, their contrived "evidence" is bogus.


  5. Default Immunity ?

    What really happened at 10th & Patton? Thoughts to ponder before the weekend...starting with the Dallas Police Tapes ---->

    221 (Ptm. H.W. Summers) 221.
    Dispatcher 221.
    221 Might can give you some additional information. I got an eye-ball witness to the get-away man. That suspect in this shooting is a white male, twenty-seven, five feet eleven, a hundred sixty-five, black wavy hair, fair complected, wearing a light grey Eisenhower-type jacket, dark trousers and a white shirt, and (. . . ?). Last seen running on the north side of the street from Patton, on Jefferson, on East Jefferson. And he was apparently armed with a 32 dark-finish automatic pistol which he had in his right hand.
    *Dallas Police Tapes (1:34PM, November 22, 1963)

    Continuation of the tapes…note the change in the Tippit murder weapon ---->

    550/2 (Sgt. G.L. Hill) 550/2.
    Dispatcher Go ahead, car 2.
    550/2 The shells at the scene indicate that the suspect is armed with an automatic 38, rather than a pistol.
    *DallasPolice Tapes

    Are we dealing with more than one culprit here? A gunman firing a 32 caliber, while another is emptying a 38 automatic…

    Several eyewitnesses ignored by the Warren Commission saw at least two culprits at the Tippit murder scene. Taking into consideration the different/various physical descriptions, and clothing colours shared by the eyewitnesses, the actual truth could very well be 2-3 gunmen ambushed Tippit.

    The following tape exchanges leads to at least two…

    Dispatcher 87.
    87 I'm in my car here at Elm and Houston. Do you want me over there?
    Dispatcher 87, report to 4340 West Davis at the service station for information regarding suspect on this Signal 19 of the President.

    Minutes later--à
    Dispatcher 87.
    87 Was that 4340 West Davis?
    Dispatcher Yes.
    87 10-4.
    Dispatcher Somebody pulled in there and bought some gas; driving a white Pontiac '61 or '62 station wagon with the prefix P(ecos) E(llis). He had a rifle laying on the seat.

    Subsequent info comes into headquarters now doubling the car’s occupants ---->
    Dispatcher 87.
    87 A white station wagon believed to be P (Paul) E (Ellis) 3435, unknown make or model, late model, occupied by two white males, left this fellow's station going east on Davis and believed they had a shotgun or rifle laying in the back seat.
    Dispatcher Received, 87.

    Also, of note, there were at least three different vehicles seen at the Tippit murder scene or within close proximity (the aforementioned white station wagon above with a rifle displayed right out in the open; a red coloured Falcon, with ties to an owner who sought immunity before testifying before the House Select Committee on Assassinations in the late 70’s; and, of course the late model Grey coloured coupe speeding away with a tall thin culprit per Mr. Wright’s account, which the Warren Commission treated as their very own Kryptonite).

    Rather than check out these suspicious leads, and account for the behaviors exhibited, the fix was already in (the designated patsy did it, nothing else to see here…case closed).

    It’s this type of manure spread that reeks around this case. What really happened at 10th& Patton that afternoon?

    A much closer examination is needed in the new millennium about the actual events at 10th & Patton. Just Bring It.
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    Nice one Alan.

    I have to say that I am surprised and heartened by the reaction my article got.

    And its still going.

  7. Default Clemons v. Wright

    In the Nashes' essay, "The Other Witnesses," Clemons comes off as the loser, despite being much closer to the murder scene. Main reason was the flowing narrative with precise details provided by Wright. Clemons must have told them very little, no direct quote, no narrative, but she had important details to give, as told to Mark Lane.

    They are together in that both saw two assassins at the Tippit scene after hearing the shots, but part company immediately thereafter. Wright has one leaving in a car, Clemons has both leaving on foot, going in opposite directions. There is no way to reconcile the two accounts barring a rewrite. Before taking that extreme measure, better to look for possible corroboration that is not part of the oral tradition surrounding this event.

    Two items are worth examining. The first is the diagram drawn by Sergeant Barnes at the scene, based on information probably provided by Markham, showing the flight path to Crawford via the alley. Note: "W on ally to Crawford left on Crawford to E Jefferson 300 bk."

    The second is the DPD report signed by Patrolmen Poe & Jez: "There were approximately six to eight witnesses, all telling officers that the subject was running west in the alley between Tenth and Jefferson Streets."

    Doubtful many would argue no fugitive went down Patton to East Jefferson. One running south to E Jefferson on Crawford plus one running south to E Jefferson on Patton equals two men on foot, eliminating Wright's "little old coupe" from the scene, and Clemons gets the nod.

    The diagram is not to scale but distances are given or can be calculated. As a further thought, how did Markham and her epigone Tatum (if you believe he was there) obtain a clear perception of what might have been happening at the right front window? Keep in mind the front of the squad car was angled out from the curb, and there was an officer's uniform hanging in the right rear window, surely blocking at least partially a view from the rear of a man outside the front door, a point 140+ feet distant.
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    Nice work Milo.

    How do we know Tippit's car had the hangar in the back? Is that something I missed?

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    David Giglio just posted this interview with me about my Tippit article on You Tube:

    He does such good work.

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    Thanks Jim. See attached photos showing the uniform hanging right side rear.
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