Bowley's Ruby connection was anathema to the FBI. Benavides was a well-placed candidate to supersede Bowley. It's even possible, although doubtful, he was the person observed by Bowley fumbling with Tippit's radio, but that would not make him an eye-witness to much of anything. It was a simple matter to get more subornation mileage out of his pickup by having it arrive a few minutes earlier at the moment of the shooting.

The memo shows he was an FBI informant, because it describes an instance of providing information to the FBI three years after he gave his WC testimony. How was he recruited? Probably some variation of the carrot & stick method. The memo describes an attempt to reach out for another carrot.

This detail should raise a few eyebrows:

It was BENAVIDES belief that BERENDT was trying to place VAGANOV at the scene possibly as the man in the "red Ford" which he (BENAVIDES) had eluded [sic] to in his statement to the FBI on the date of the assassination.

What statement was that? The "red Ford" made its public debut as an afterthought to Benavides' WC testimony, as if pinning a tail on the jackass Belin. Despite the appearance of spontaneity the Hood memo reveals it was a prepared line.