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Thread: The Tippit Case in the New Millenium

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alan Ford View Post
    Yes, you are right @ Wright, Mr. DiEugenio.

    Here we have an eyewitness directly on the scene of *Tippitt's demise, observing two culprits, one short & stocky and the other MUCH taller and thin, who races in a mad dash away from the scene after climbing into a Gray Coupe.

    IF those charged with investigating the officer's demise was more interested in the absolute truth than pushing fiction (the framing of Oswald), an all points bulletin would have gone out immediately on any Gray Coupe bearing considerable damage to its body-frame (front end, rear end, side paneling, etc).

    But, since the demise of Tippitt was more about an elaborate plot hatched to hoodwink the general public with a staged/bogus autopsy upon President Kennedy, then naturally the foxes in the hen house wouldn't investigate themselves. Besides, what better way to convince the general public that the wrongly accused was a dangerous degenerate than kill--pun intended--two birds with one stone (he's a mad man, convict him already).

    Mr. Josephs has noted key evidence as well @ the shooter at the Tippitt murder scene having the opposite of the wrongly accused's tapered haircut style in the back of his neck. The real shooter, according to eye-witnesses directly on scene, had a blocked shaped square hairline.

    Fifty-plus years, and the lies continue @ the wrongly accused is responsible for the demise of President Kennedy, and an officer otherwise lured into position for a pre-arranged ambush he never saw coming. Of course, anything contrary to the five decades old manure spread would never see the light of day...or so the lying treasonous cowards thought (Thank goodness this case is getting a much closer examination in the new millennium. Officialdom has insulted the intelligence of its own citizens for far too loooong now).

    *Asterisk denotes a self-reminder to determine the correct spelling of Jefferson Davis (JD) Tippitt's name. Back later this week to post the spelling on his memorial stone if it can be found.

    His full name is J. D. Tippit. Note the correct spelling. He was not Jefferson Davis
    Tippit. That is a common error. It seems to have been concocted to paint
    him as a Confederate sympathizer by association. His father told me he named his son J.D. after a
    character in a book. Tippit research is hampered partly by basic inability
    to get the facts straight after all these years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim DiEugenio View Post
    Alan and Joe:

    What witness is being referred to with that picture? Wright?

    The sign was said to have been knocked over by a car
    earlier that day. Another loose end. Wright said
    he saw a car leave the scene of the shooting.

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    Default Tippit Case

    Probably everyone on this site knows about the TWO WALLETS OF OSWALD which is described in the above link. Can anyone interpret for me how there was a pre-planned "throw-down" evidence wallet which was a forgery, if it were not in the plan to have Tippit murdered? One of the wallets was "found at the scene" of the Tippit shooting.

    It sure looks to me that Tippit was planned to be murdered by a third party but that he may have been murdered by that third party AND one or more Dallas policemen during an unexpected situation that developed. It is likely that the Tippit murder was part of the plot.

    It looks like possibly Oswald was to be delivered to the scene of the Tippit murder, then Tippit would be killed and then Oswald would be apprehended. If Oswald were arrested for the murder of JFK, the police would have to have him arraigned and present evidence to a judge for Oswald as the JFK murderer.

    But it would be much easier to have him busted for being a cop-killer. That way, the nation wouldn't doubt that they had the right guy. Especially since Oswald himself had to be quickly murdered anyway before the dust had settled.

    Without the killing of Tippit, Oswald would have been apprehended without any eyewitnesses or forensic evidence, and then himself be murdered by Ruby. The public would have had too many doubts. Apparently, Tippit was the sacrificial lamb here.

    On another note, I just finished reading the biography of General Karl Wolff. Wolff had been promised by Allen Dulles (and Lemnitzer) that he might be used in the post WWII German government. This was in the "secret surrender" where Dulles and Wolff were negotiating a cease-fire in March, 1945 for German troops still in Italy.

    Wolff was not a real combat general but he was an assistant to Heinrich Himmler. Dulles then protected him at Nuremberg and all the way up until 1962. After Dulles was fired following the Bay of Pigs, Wolff was served with a summons in Munich to stand trial as a war criminal in January, 1962.

    Since Dulles was no longer in power, yet his "word of honor" was at stake (if Wolff were prosecuted) after his [Dulles'] firing, this adds more fuel to my belief that the Nazi network was in the middle of the JFK plot.

    Amazingly, in December, 1963, Wolff was put in a hospital and his trial was delayed. Apparently, neither LBJ nor Dulles would protect him or weren't able to protect him any longer either. He was tried in 1964 and was sentenced to 15 years. But in 1969, he was released for medical reasons (although he lived until 1984). Without the protection of Dulles, he would have been hanged at Nuremberg.

    James Lateer

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    I suspect that the Tippit killing had nothing to do with Oswald at the time, but was carried out to draw police away from the railroad yard, where they were homing in on the real killers.

    Oswald was subsequently fitted to the Tippit kill, as the evidence against him re JFK was so weak. Ie a ‘guilt by association’ play.

    Peter B

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    In spite of my initial tendency to record the downed officer at 10th & Patton as “Tippitt” due to vast readings of posts characterizing the spelling in that manner, i.e. this one --à

    "Jefferson DavisTippitt"

    By C**** **a**, July 12, 2007 in

    it’s refreshing to note the correct spelling as “Tippit”;and. Also—courtesy of Mr. Josephs—to refrain from an association with the initials J.D. to stand for the former president of the Confederacy during the Civil War period.

    However, without taking anything away from the following article, it’s not always easy sometimes to separate the wheat from the chaff so to speak --

    All of that aside, Mr. Josephs is correct, in spite of the misspellings and suggested meaning of Tippit's initials, as his final resting place pretty much sums up the correct spelling, and his given name of J.D. at birth --

    *Courtesy of Find A Grave

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peter Blackman View Post
    I suspect that the Tippit killing had nothing to do with Oswald at the time, but was carried out to draw police away from the railroad yard, where they were homing in on the real killers.

    Oswald was subsequently fitted to the Tippit kill, as the evidence against him re JFK was so weak. Ie a ‘guilt by association’ play.

    Peter B
    Well said, Mr. Blackman @ "Ie a ‘guilt by association’ play."


  7. Default The Tippit Case in the New Millenium

    Here,courtesy of the actual Dallas Police Department Tapes, on the afternoon of Friday, November 22, 1963, we learn of a vehicle within a short distance of Officer Tippit’s demise stopping for gas --à
    1:24 Dispatcher Wanted for investigation for assault to murder on a police officer: A white male; approximately thirty; about five foot eight; slender build; has black hair; a white jacket; a white shirt and dark trousers. The suspect last seen running west on Jefferson from 400 East Jefferson. 1:24
    Dispatcher Does anybody know the condition of the officer?
    Dispatcher 60.
    87 (Ptm. R.C. Nelson) 87. (Siren)
    Dispatcher 87.
    87 Was that 4340 West Davis?
    Dispatcher Yes.
    87 10-4.
    Dispatcher Somebody pulled in there and bought some gas; driving a white Pontiac '61 or '62 station wagon with the prefix P(ecos) E(llis). He had a rifle laying on the seat.

    All vehicles need gas at some point, but not many of us pull into a service station with a deadly weapon laying openly out on the seat, especially within minutes of a shooting in close vicinity over at 10
    th& Patton in the same neighborhood—not to mention immediately after an assassination attempt upon a sitting president just an hour before.

    When officialdom would rather choose to pursue fiction (pushing the Oswald did it manure spread) rather than pursue these kind of leads the fix is already in.

    Who was this man openly displaying a deadly weapon?

    Why did the service station attendant feel a need to call this in? Did the person’s presentation/antics raise suspicions somehow? Was this one of the two culprits Mr.Wright (Frank) observed at the Tippit murder scene?, especially the much taller one, who raced away to a car ----->

    “ran as fast as he could go”
    and “drove away as quick as you could see.” --Frank Wright (501 10th Street, one of a few eyewitnesses directly on scene that afternoon ignored by those charged with pursuing the truth)

    Thank goodness this case is now under review in the new millennium.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Alan Ford View Post

    “ran as fast as he could go”
    and “drove away as quick as you could see.” --Frank Wright (501 10th Street, one of a few eyewitnesses directly on scene that afternoon ignored by those charged with pursuing the truth)

    Thank goodness this case is now under review in the new millennium.

    87 Was that 4340 West Davis?

    A little context on 4340 W Davis.... which becomes E. Main at that corner....

    Between 12:45/12:52 and 1:19 Ptm NELSON gets from his assigned location of Oak Cliff to the corner of Houston and Elm? yet says at 12:52 "out down here" in response to being told to go to Oak Cliff...

    The Inset is 10th and Patton

    It's really not "a short distance"... Dispatch assumes he would be in Oak Cliff... so why is he at the TSBD?

    Attached Images Attached Images
    Once in a while you get shown the light
    in the strangest of places if you look at it right.....
    R. Hunter

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    That is a good question.

    I only listed the information and did not draw a conclusion. Joe I think is a little more implicative in his book.

    Henry Hurt met with Nelson and he was even more conclusive.

    He clearly implied the message was bogus. Installed after the fact which is why Nelson did not obey it.

    Is that what you think also?

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    The late Jim Garrison (RIP) would be beaming proudly at the concerted efforts of Mr. DiEugenio, Mr. Josephs, and so many other sharp researchers relative to this undertaking about what actually happened at 10th & Patton.

    It's more than obvious that those charged with pursuing the truth in this case ignored the best evidence in this case. Why? We know why.

    Officialdom had then and has now major holes in their "evidence" that the wrongly accused is responsible for Tippit's demise. Their conflict with the timing element runs contrary to more than a few witnesses...they cannot all be "mistaken"; and, officialdom cannot explain away why Tippit's body was inflicted with wounds by two separate weapons...much too late now for them to say how Oswald tossed one away, yada, yada, yada.

    What's more, upon reading/reviewing the Dallas Police Tape recordings broadcast on that afternoon, it's evident that some elements within the department are being less than forthcoming about their whereabouts. If some of you reading along haven't done so already, please hone in on DPD patrolman William Duane "Bill" Mentzel. It's not so much what he is saying as much as what he is not saying...

    patrolman W. D. Mentzel

    Non-related to that, Just quickly, let me share the following document, and pose some follow up questions ---->

    *courtesy The Portal to Texas History

    Why does the time of the incident reflect 12 minutes after the fact?

    Remember four witnesses place Tippit's demise at 1:06PM. One other person (Helen Markham), place it at 1:07PM. Why are the authorities pushing manure spread here? Do they have a hastily contrived script to sell?

    Why would Tippit engage someone merely 131lbs (Mr. Oswald) than be on the look out for someone fitting the actual description that had been broadcast at 12:48PM out over the air waves by police-dispatch, sharing that the suspect was actually 165lbs?

    More troubling for this contrived tale is that at no time does Tippit radio in his position/location; who he has encountered; why he believes him to be suspicious; nor a standard operating procedure request for back up. None of these things happened. Why?

    Because the actual killers of Tippit--individuals he was familiar with, thus no need for a call-in to dispatch--were on a mission, cleverly luring him to his demise. His death would serve a greater purpose as it helped faked the late president's autopsy; and, created a backlash against their chosen patsy in the form of public outcry/opinion. We are dealing with sinister snakes w/poisonous venom. Lying is an afterthought to them. These Cold War maniacs would rather blow the world up a billion times over than ever give peace a chance. Who the halifax does Kennedy think he is pushing world peace...the noive of that young whippersnapper.

    The wrongly accused was nowhere near 10th & Patton, but the coup d'état plotters had a fairytale to sell (besides, they figured if we believed the exploits of the magic bullet we'd believe anything).

    IF Justice is to be served, the real culprits in this case--IF they are still alive--will summon the courage to set the record straight, or remain the lying cowards they are...constantly living a lie and dying a coward to boot.
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