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Thread: Jim DiEugenio Zings Chris Mattthews' Bio of RFK

  1. Default Jim DiEugenio Zings Chris Mattthews' Bio of RFK

    I am posting this here since its as much about JFK as RFK, since they were pretty co existent until 1963.

    Although this is better than his book on JFK, its still pretty disappointing. I mean when you cannot bring yourself to print the words NSAM 263, 27 years after the fact and also 26 years after John Newman's book, something is wrong with you.

    Anyway, please enjoy. Comment if you can.

  2. Default Distorting the Life of Bobby Kennedy

    Distorting the Life of Bobby Kennedy reads true to form.

    Where Mr. Matthews (like so many of his timid colleagues within MSM circles) hedged his bets, Mr. DiEugenio sets the record straight on the true essence of Joseph P. & Rose Kennedy's 7th child, Robert Francis Kennedy.

    Sadly there were so many What If's surrounding this great man's life, a true public-servant during an age of innocence when public service was an honourable calling.

    *What If: The tunnel-visioned warmongers were reeled in by President Dwight D. Eisenhower, before their rabid lust for war and world domination simmered beyond boiling volcanic proportions, where anyone daring to seek a peaceful resolution/direction would easily find themselves in the cross-hairs of these blood-thirsty maniacs. Both wise visionaries, and mature beyond their years--JFK & RFK found themselves out-numbered, and sadly out gunned by the cowards who would rather hate than reason for peace.

    *What If: McCarthy was reeled in by his see nothing; hear nothing; and say nothing cult, mesmerized by their blind allegiance to a witch-hunt of epic proportions. Once again, the wiser and more mature Kennedys find themselves subject to hushed whispers, unfairly questioning their loyalty to the country they both loved. Make no mistake, the Kennedys loved America, but sought to make it better. Justice for All was much more than mere words to them.

    *What If: The Southern US Senators had the courage to address their own unfair issues in their respective states amid Jim Crow society in their own backyards. As If. Once again, enter JFK & RFK to address issues that should have been addressed when they were having their diapers changed.

    *What If: the warmongers promoting war for profit, while ignoring the costly lives of countless young American boys sent half a world away to Vietnam to their deaths would come to their senses. As If. Once again, enter RFK, once again a threat to the status quo. The greedy war profiteers weren't going to just stand by and let another Kennedy seek to resolve mankind's issues with reason.

    In spite of all these grave, challenging hurdles, RFK still summoned the courage to do the right thing. A lot of good it got him. Courage like his doesn't grow on trees, Mr. Matthews, at the very least give him his due. It's looooong overdue.
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    They just added my review of the new Tate/Johnson book

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    Jim, how do you think history would have been different if Symington had been JFK's VP? Would JFK have still won the election? Would the assassination still have taken place without LBJ as the replacement?

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    An interesting question. And I really do not know the answer.

    JFK might have lost without LBJ. Symington's home state of Missouri went for Kennedy anyway.

    But I wonder if Kennedy would have run stronger in the northeast, that is Ohio and the extreme New England states of Vermont NH and Maine.

    I really don't know, but I lean slightly to the view he may have lost.

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    My brother in law sent me this book and I read a lot of it but with all his supposed love of RFK he can't bring himself to bother to even look at the damn evidence. Will he have RFK JR on and be an ass like he was to David Talbot?

  7. Default

    RFK Jr is only making selected appearances.

    And he apparently has a good relationship with Tom Jackman at the Washington Post.

    Jackman has written three articles in less than two weeks about the RFK case.

    Considering its the MSM they are pretty good I think.

  8. Default So long, Bobby

    Another worthy read by Mr. DiEugenio. A rather interesting review of the new Tate/Johnson book.

    Sadly, the legal handling of this case during the aftermath of RFK’s assassination equates essentially into a miscarriage of justice to say the least. Pretty sad day for America when a former top law enforcement official in the nation cannot even get an ounce of justice.

    That said, with no offense to his older brother, John, it was RFK who was the most calculating sibling of the two. Even without Texas’s 24 electoral votes, a Kennedy-Symington ticket would have still garnered enough to win the 270 electoral votes to win in 1960. Tossing Texas into Nixon’s column would have had Nixon finish at 245 total electoral votes, while Kennedy-Symington would have secured 279, nine more than needed.

    So long, Bobby----->


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    Default JFK and RFK Cases

    Maybe this has already been said. There were 2000 to 3000 records still covered up in re the JFK case. The Kennedy family didn't say anything. But with the RFK case, where in my opinion there is no evidence of conspiracy, or only minimal, they come out and demand investigation.

    There are no hidden or overtly over-classified documents in re the RFK case. Why the silence of the Kennedy family about the still covered-up JFK stuff?

    It seems like in 2018, hypocrisy and dissemblng has become the norm, where the search for truth has become, not a major sport, but a very minor one. Kind of like curling in the Olympics.

    James Lateer

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    There is no evidence of conspiracy in the RFK case?

    You cannot be serious. That case is more clearly a conspiracy than the JFK case is. Just read my review of the Tate/Johnson book. Sirhan could not have fired 13 shots, impossible.

    And there are records out there. All we have is the LAPD police file. We do not have any federal records on that case.

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