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Thread: Time-Life and the 50th

  1. Default Time-Life and the 50th

    Well, this one was really over the top even for them.

    They do not realize why their audience is turning away in droves. Or they simply don't mind it as long as they spout BS.

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    Yet another well-written, thought-provoking post, Mr. DiEugenio, thanks for holding the MSM's feet to the fire, and accountable for their complicity in supporting the manure spread surrounding the assassinations of key figures in the 60's.

    Pretty sad day for justice all-around, in particular the railroading of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr's alleged assassin, James Earl Ray, even after he tried to exercise his constitutional rights to a fair trail. Do the Bill of Rights matter any more?

    Going on 55 years now, and legitimate journalism is mocked amid a see nothing, hear nothing, say nothing cowardly-press blinded by their allegiance to 30 shiny pieces of silver.

    Will the press ever be free again?
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