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Thread: CNN Disservices History

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    Default JFK, CNN And Kennedy Dynasty

    Just another thought--

    The claim that JFK had no alternative to being in the Nixon-Dulles-McCarthy anti-Communist group seems to be inaccurate: let's not forget that the Senate, on December 2, 1954 voted to censure McCarthy.

    The above article claims that JFK scheduled a back operation so he would be in the hospital and thus not to have to vote on the McCarthy censure. He apparently spoke out against the McCarthy censure.

    This issue was central to JFK's career prior to 1960. To claim that he had no choice but to be in the mold of Nixon, Dulles, Acheson or McCarthy seems to be a clear misrepresentation of what JFK (and RFK and JPK) were all about. This, to me, is a little like CNN "forgetting" to mention McCarthy in the Kennedy Dynasty series--pretty much indefensible.

    James Lateer

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    Mr Lateer:

    McCarthy was not a leader in the foreign policy school of the USA.

    What McCarthy did was to say that, after the Rosenberg and Hiss cases, that the Russians had infiltrated various American institutions including, our government. In other words, Truman and Acheson had been very lax in security precautions about the State Department and defense plants, and had very bad judgment about people they hired.

    McCarthy then extended this to Eisenhower and the Dulles brothers. And this is when he ran into trouble: when he started going after the Army and the CIA. For example, Allen Dulles refused to turn over Bill Bundy for questioning to his committee. And then McCarthy imploded on national TV at the hands of Joseph Welch during the Army McCarthy hearings. It was a domestic issue, not a foreign policy one.

    As per JFK, look the final vote tally was something like 66-26 in favor of censure. What would have been the point of Kennedy coming down in a hospital bed or in a robe and crutches? Especially when his brother had started the thing in the first place.

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    I just found out that American Dynasties: The Kennedys, was produced by a Briitish company called Raw TV.

    Raw TV was purchased by Discovery Channel in 2004. Discovery Channel was the production house behind the late Gary Mack's attempts to reinstate the Warren Commission i.e. the two awful documentaries, Inside the Target Car and JFK: The Ruby Connection.

    I have always said that the two lines of propaganda sometimes meet. That is those who wish to cover up the JFK assassination, and those who also look to cloud the real achievements of JFK and RFK. Except I had used examples of this in the literary field, like Seymour Hersh. Now Discovery Channel, filling the shoes of the late Peter Jennings, does the same in TV.

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