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Thread: Assassins - a man without a country, free ebook

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    There was something about my previous post that kept bugging me so, because of my ADHD, OCD and trying to be a perfectionist had me edit my last post.

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    You have got to love the amount of exposure folks will go to without ever mentioning the oringal source, what a shame!

    I'm willing to bet my life that whoever posted THIS information, in THIS link below, had never heard of Poyle, however, I'm sure he'll want to take credit for it, must be (another) Micheal Best, if not, well isn't that a shame! (what say you) on something like this, a run away train? LMAO!

    I suppose, like the rest of EVERYTHING else I've said, the ONLY thing that matters, is that person who knows where all the oringal information came from, wouldn't you agree?

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    Before egos can change, men must change!

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    It should also be noted that Fortson never met with Poyle in Mexico, that's just another story since Fortson couldn't be trusted, the two never met, in fact it was imperative the CIA keep Poyle and Fortson separate.

    You first heard it here!

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