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    A five star review has appeared (not by me, I haven't read it yet) on Goodreads. Hey, the Nazis do get a mention!

    I will begin my review of Michele Metta's diligent and deep research by stating my own held beliefs of what was behind the assassination of JFK, formed after many years of study, hundreds of books read, conferences attended and membership of Dealey Plaza U.K., prior to reading this book.

    Firstly, the assassination in Dallas was a coup d'etat, primarily conducted by CIA, probably initiated by Allen Dulles, but certainly involving James Jesus Angleton, (who according to Peter Dale Scott managed a second CIA within the CIA) with a green light to the plot given by elements within the JCS, which I feel would have been fully initiated in late 1962. Through CIA there were contributions made by the U.S. military, the Secret Service, renegade French intelligence and Israeli Mossad along with (to muddy the waters) anti-Castro and organised crime contributions. The coup being covered up by CIA, FBI, Secret Service and Lyndon Johnson. I find it telling rather than coincidence that French intelligence Colonel deLannurien was at Langley meeting with Angleton on the 22nd November 1963.

    'CMC. The Italian Undercover CIA and Mossad Station and the Assassination of JFK', published in 2018, wholly confirms and reinforces my own beliefs of this case. Metta's conscientious investigation also confirms the probing that was undertaken by the much maligned New Orleans D.A. Jim Garrison in his indictment of Clay Shaw and his association with the Centro Mondiale Commerciale/Permindex.

    I have to admit that such is the avalanche of links and connections exposed in this work that, for me was a struggle to stay with the narrative, such that I feel a re-read is necessary to fully take in the information. It is no surprise that the author requires the reader to 'please-pay attention' on a number of occasions throughout the text. However the effort is greatly rewarded as this book takes us through the maze of undercover connections between American, Italian and Israeli intelligence agents, international bankers, Nazi, neo-Fascist, Masonic, Mafia and big business chains. There have been known discoveries, previous to this book from the Bloomfield archives in Canada and it can be noted that the Bloomfield heirs shut this archive down. Louis Bloomfield was the founder of Permindex. Metta's work here exposes many more associated revelations.

    It doesn't help that the majority of the supporting cast in this investigation are Italian personnel and the associated Notes that relate to documents are in Italian. Also this publication has no Index.

    Yet, these are very minor negatives in what is a very important addition to the JFK assassination canon and gets a five star rating from me.

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    I've hidden some posts so as to keep the thread on topic. This thread is about the book by Michele Metta. If you want to discuss other books or topics start a new thread and do not derail this one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Magda Hassan View Post
    I've hidden some posts so as to keep the thread on topic. This thread is about the book by Michele Metta. If you want to discuss other books or topics start a new thread and do not derail this one.
    Thank you very much, Magda. Really appreciated

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