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Thread: The Skorzeny Papers by Michael LeFlem

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    Michael LeFlem does his usual thorough and acute job on Major Ganis and his book on Skorzeny, the Congo and the JFK case.

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    Yikes! Not really surprising though.

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    I don't agree that the book and the information in it is a total loss at all. We already know of Nazis who were involved in the JFK assassination - I can name several. Read Mae Brussell's great 'Nazi Connections to the JFK Assassination' again folks...and that well could be updated. Richard Case Nagell was very aware and told Dick Russell in no uncertain terms that there were Nazi nazis involved in the assassination, as well as neo-fascist military/intel types who had been sympathetic during and more-so after WWII involved on our side. I have recently found yet another person known to have been involved in the JFK assassination as having been a Nazi - I have his Nazi party number and all.....will be writing this up sometime that QJ-WIN could well have been Skorzeny doesn't surprise me one bit and I find the evidence persuasive, if not complete. Skorzeny was already working with the CIA and DIA et al. on Operation Condor and many other little projects. He was one of the heads of funneling of Nazi money and Nazis to exile in S. America as well as being connected and aided in that by American intelligence and other entities in the USA as much as in Germany and the 'old Reich'.
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    I also thought that the Skorzeny book was well worth reading and added insights on the Skorzeny group's involvement in the JFK assassination. What the author didn't have though, imo, was a decent grasp of the JFK story. He struck me as being rather naive in that respect.
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    You can say that again.

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