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Thread: Don Lawton waved off limo -- why?

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    Default Don Lawton waved off limo -- why?

    The well known video of Clint Hill and Don Lawton being waved off the rear of the JFK limo seems to show a puzzled Lawton and is part of the evidence for a Secret Service stand down. Clint Hill's story, which makes little sense since he too was waved off, is that Lawton was supposed to remain behind to prepare for the return trip. In this video interview of Hill (starting at (5:53), he claims he had just talked to Lawton and verified this account. I suppose Lawton has been interviewed on this issue. Anyone know about Lawton's account?

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  2. Default Stand Down?

    A thought provoking question there, Lauren, one we may never know a definitive answer to because Mr. Lawton passed away in 2013.

    Nothing against, Mr. Hill, but his explanation does not match the body language exhibited in the video by his colleague imho. Whenever people start to put words into someone else's mouth, especially surrounding President Kennedy's assassination makes me wary, and left wondering what was really said...i.e. Mr. Oswald's interrogators saying He said this, and He said that, etc.

    Perhaps reaching out to Mr. Palamara (Vince), who interviewed Mr. Lawton I believe about seven years ago may help shed some insights.

    *An interesting read from someone who was close with Mr. Lawton ---->


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