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    Unreported evidence of reports by the CIA to kill Fidel Castro had backfired on President Kennedy. Silvia Oido had informed the company that three men had visited her apartment while one of the men was introduced to her as Leon Oswald. She further said that during a phone conversation someone had told her "Kennedy should have been shot", it turned out that these men were Silvia Oido's father's friends.

    Silvia later lost her secretarial job in Dallas and concidered suicide after being contacted repeatedly by the FBI. The then commissioner and later mayor of Miami, Maurice Ferre, would help Silvia Odio move to Miami where her brother worked for Mr. Ferre.

    Mr. Ferre would later be questioned by the FBI for helping Mrs. Oido in her move. During an arugmenment we know that Mr. KAISER pulled a gun and threaten to kill Mr. Ferre, what we don't know is the reason a gun was pulled and placed to Mr. Ferre's head.

    (If I were a betting man, and knowing my father, not just me saying this, but, I'd like to add *anyone who knew my father, knew he was involved.)

    If this story has a happy ending we do know that someone was impersonating Lee H. Oswald, and Mr. Ferre is still alive.

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    Most interesting, Sylvia belonged to a group called JURE, we know that JURE and the Cubanos Unidos signed an agreement, documents the two groups would work together.

    JURE's headquarters was out of NEW YORK, and of all the people the CIA sent to New York to investigate the members of JURE was Richard POYLE.

    How about that?

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